Zara’s first store opened its doors to anxiously waiting shoppers this morning. Any later and there may have been a riot!

Zara’s SA store is one of the biggest Zara stores worldwide and it is located in the new Sandton City extension. You already saw the stylish people who were at the launch toasting the new brand’s arrival (see here) but now for some pics of the store itself… especially for those of you who may have to book a plane ticket to Jo’burg to get your Zara fix.

So what can we tell you? It is huge, over 2 700 square metres, with over 40 mannequins on display as well as three shopwindows that showcase the hottest looks. It stocks five ranges: Women, Basic, TRF, Man and Kids, so everyone in your life can be Zara-fied! And best of all: the prices really are competitive. New stock will arrive twice a week for the latest, freshest and up-to-datest browsing.

Happy shopping!


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    Fabuluos store have not been there but such good comments…Great to such a store like ZARA in SA…

  2. ELLEmagazineSA

    Hi Katlego, please enquire with Zara. Their JHB store number is: 011 302 1500. Thanks!

  3. Brenda

    What a dissapointment!!! Was chased out the store like a dog because i came in with a trolley. Never again!!! After xmas shopping at Louis Vuitton (if anyone should have chased me out with my trolley it should have been them, but they did not) and various other stores, not once was i asked to get out of a store because of my trolley. Sorry u lost out big time – did all my shopping at Country Road and Trenery across the rd from you. Their staff are so helpful and friendly and accepted me with open arms – trolley and all. You obviously do not need the business. Will never put foot in Zara again!!!!!!

  4. T.B

    I am 8 months pregnant and we had just bought some bulky items and tried to enter Zara Man with a trolley. We were rudely informed that under no circumstances was I allowed to follow my husband into Zara with our trolley. My choices were to either leave our new purchases outside the store for anyone to steal, or wait outside the store like an idiot, while my husband did his shopping. My husband went to get ‘special permission’ form the manageress as I am heavily pregnant and felt humiliated and uncomfortable standing outside, but he was informed that they only allowed women with babies in their trolleys and elderly woman, to bring their trollies inside. Apparently, even as manageress, she is not equipped with the common-sense, compassion, or authority, to make a judgement call about a pregnant woman; she told us only the MD is able to make such a decision! The whole experience would have been laughable if I hadn’t been made to feel so awful.
    My mother and sister also went shopping at Zara in Sandton. After queuing for the fitting rooms for 15 minutes, they were informed that they were allowed only 6 items in the cubicle. Whilst this is the norm in clothing stores, Zara’s ‘solution’ for people who had queued with more than 6 items, was bizarre and again, nonsensical. Zara claimed that they could not hold the extra two items at the fitting-room entrance for them to swap-out once they had tried on the first 6; they would have to leave the queue, put the items back on the floor, queue again, try on 6 items and then start the process again. The staff seemed to take great delight in waiting for each customer to stand in the queue for ages and then only inform them of this ridiculous system once they had reached the front of the queue! My mother and sister observed dozens of embarrassed, irritated and bemused customers simply leave the store without even trying anything on. When my sister complained to staff that this was not a system used at any other store, she was told with a snotty attitude, ‘well, this is Zara’!
    Zara UK is known for its relaxed, friendly atmosphere. We would like to remind Zara that they need to come right down-to-earth. Their systems are impractical, alienating their customers and their staff need to be reminded that once the initial excitement has worn off, South African customers will not choose to spend their money in a store that treats them like dirt!

  5. Lindy Nene

    Went to Zara a few weeks ago. The store is big with lots of beautiful clothes. The services is pretty bad, I must say. Loved the blue patent heels they had on displayed and they were my size. Hated that they were dirty and had been tried on several times, sominrequested a different pair from a ‘Lindiwe’ who said they didn’t have. Asked another guy a few minutes later and he brought a brand new pair, took away the box and promised I’d get a dust bag at the till, which i was told were finished! What a way to treat customers!

  6. Ardilah Mohamed

    I was sadly disappointed when i intended buying a shoe with a certain price tag attached to it and when reaching the till the teller told me that the shoe was marked wrong the price was almost triple, at the request of a manager i was told a manager does not work on weekends. Needless to say this store has lost yet another valueable customer.

  7. Phatheka PKaY Ngcobo

    Hi there… Im soooo excited that you guys ARE FINALLY comming to Durban… Rumor has the store in Gateway opnes next week Weds?(29th of Feb) Please confirm… Cant wait to change my closet

  8. Miss Kgadi

    New stock twice a week.. Wow, and Zara does NOT repeat stock. Talk about being exclusive..

  9. lUCY

    The service at Sandton is very bad i bought 2 pairs of shoes i was give both left foot shoes drove back to exchange the manager on duty and the staff memebers were laughing as if there was something to laugh about or maybe i looked stupid to have one foot shoes.please show some respect for youre customers.


    Heard that they have a shortage of Smalls in the guys blazers and shirts.. Is that true or just a suspicion?? Just want to make sure they hane the cloths before i fly up to get them.

  11. Portias

    I must say i love their clothes but is not fair on small ladies(size 4), their size start with 6 which is not fair on us with small bodies

  12. Innocentia Mabena

    I love your store and the clothes, nice, classy, reasonable stylish items you have, Thanks you opened in Mzanzi, we going to be stylish as ever.


  13. Nafeesa Motan

    Never been so disappointed with poor service and useless management at an International store. I was asked to leave my sleeping toddler in a trolley outside. The manager on duty was totally unhelpful. I spent over R10000 in other stores which Zara lost out on. I will never put foot again in Zara. They lost out on a weekly shopper and a valuable customer. Very disappointing and totally disgusted with the poor service and lack of discretion of senior management. Will report this incident to Zara International as this store and the service is just not up to scratch.

  14. Louise

    A friend of mine was rudely told that she could not enter the store with her suitcase. She was travelling back to Cape Town, and decided to stop over to shop at Zara. I am using the Gautrain to get to the airport, and was also planning on stopping over at Sandton to go to Zara, but I will also have my suitcase with me because Gautrain don’t have lockers. After reading about how badly anyone with a trolley gets treated, I think I am not going to take that risk.

  15. Simangele Mahlangu

    It is clear the service at ZARA Sandton is appalling. Who is relaying these queries to them? They need to do something urgently so to improve on their service. ZARA is a good and reputable brand which cannot afford to be tainted by bad service.

  16. Mpho Motlanthe

    I visited ZARA for the 1st time this year. I love the style, its so me…

  17. kgomotso

    I was rudly escorted out because i was drinking a milk shake by a security, i had to throw it away cause i realy wanted to buy something.

  18. Cecilia

    I went to Zara yesterday it was my birthday i bought beutiful jeans I must say i Loooove Zara

  19. Robyn DJ

    I went to Zara this morning to exchange my little girl’s jacket for a larger size and I must say, the 2 ladies working in the children’s department were wonderful. A huge thank you to your outstanding staff. It’s extremely rare to find such helpful, friendly assistants these days and I will definitely be back.

  20. nthabiseng

    Service at Zara Sandton is appaling. I wanted to buy a shoe but its shop soiled. Its the last one in my size, i was told take it or leave it. I must go to Cape Town or Durban to check if theres stock! like really cant they check and have they not heard of Internal Branch Transfers!

  21. Josie

    Hi i would like to enquire how would i be able to apply for a position at zara i work in fashion and have a lot of knowledge but cant seem to find any email adresses if you can kindly please assist me via email. Thank you

  22. Rowland Ratau

    Ooooooooh!Zara is so stylish,i wish thy cn open another branch in Polokwane.

  23. Dineo

    I want to buy from zara online, I’m in polokwane South Africa. The process doesn’t want to go through because it can not locate the store in sandton. I’m using my iPad application for Zara. Please help me.

  24. Isa

    Its awful stuff really bad quality, in europe its very bottom end… sorry Zara making the stores look plush won’t fool the south Africans..

  25. Chamme Moremedi


  26. Helga

    I would like to have a look at the Zara catalogue for womens clothing as well as kids clothing. Where can I get it

  27. Thato Kevin Mahuma

    I bought a Suit today* Good Suits!!!! I’m Happy but the Customer Service was bad!! Fix that Problem!

  28. Thato Kevin Mahuma

    I bought a Suit Today* fell in love with the Suits. Good Suits bad Customer service I was disappointed!!

  29. neliswa

    Hay I want the special offers for formal dresses we having a formal event coming up and. need a beautiful straight cut

  30. Mafex.aka papa kabelo

    I’m man of style who like to buy pairs of stylish suit,m getting married December.plz send mi catalogue of stylish suits. Colour and price it’s not object

  31. Lesiree

    This is all awesome for the people who live near these place where Zara stores have opened. Now what about the rest who must rely on online shopping to get Zara clothing? Please invest in online shopping as well

  32. Bonnie

    I saw a Dungaree from Zara n I need it…dis was on the Real magazine issue for November on page 16…I realy want it….
    I currently stay in Durban plz help ppl….

  33. Priscilla Malik

    I went to buy a nice bag and a top at Zara,the staff was not that bad but not helpful either.a lot of customers are complaining of poor service and that is not good.maybe u shud train ur staff more,or hire new people with good manners


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