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The South African flag was flown high as four South African models walked the2018  Dolce & Gabbana Haute Couture show. Elsa Hansen, who modelled the main fashion editorial in our July 2017 issue, along with Ansolet Rossouw, who's graced catwalks for Maison Valentino and Alexandre Vauthier, Kayla Van Deventer and Chané Husselman, all repped local as they rocked the most beautiful and intricately detailed D&G garments. Other model heavyweights included the one and only Naomi Campbell and Ashley Graham.

FANJAM model management is the mother agency to these 4 superstars. "We could not be prouder of all their accomplishments, being back stage and being a part of the girls experience at the Dolce  and Gabbana show was a realization of everything coming together and the team work over the last years. We thank our clients, the FANJAM team, agencies worldwide, and the parents of all our models for being a part of the success. The success over the past year shows what we, as a model agency, stand for. Going forward we will continue to make ambassadors for South African fashion" says FANJAM.

Revel in the Alta Moda below.

Chané Husselman

Kayla Van Deventer

Elsa Hansen

Ansolet Rossouw

Behind the scenes images from the day

Images courtesy of FANJAM Model Management

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