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Rihanna released a sneak preview of her yet-to-launch fragrance, Rogue, on social media last week.


The Instagram picture shows the sexy singer clad in nothing but high-cut underwear and ankle-strap stilettos reclining against a wall with her legs resting against an oversized, full-colour perfume bottle.

‘#ROGUE #byRihanna campaign image!! For the ladies! Men’s coming soon…’ read the caption. The ad was shot by Mario Sorrenti, and is set to be released in September in conjunction with her fragrance launch.

The singer has previously released Rebelle, Nude and Red’l Fleur fragrances. But fragrances aren’t her only side project. After she successfully debuted designs for British retailer River Island earlier this year, Rihanna is currently working on her sophomore collection for the brand.

What do you think of Rihanna’s Rogue ad?

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