The Queer Bible Is Your One-Stop Shop For LGBT Cultural Heroes

With information on Vanessa Bell, Laverne Cox, Prince and more

Learning about Queer history is a key component in moving forward successfully in the ongoing battle for LGBT rights. The same can be said for any cultural battle, be it sexism, racism or otherwise.

Jack Guinness is one man who understands this notion, so much so that he has launched a beautiful website, dedicated to Queer history.

Guinness’ own time as a model informed his decisions too: ‘In the past I was encouraged not to share my sexuality with clients,’ he says. ‘I think the fear was, will brands want to be represented by a gay man, and then maybe, will straight men want to buy clothes from a gay man?’

In the face of much ignorance and some hatred towards Queer rights, all of us, Queer or not, should take something from these searingly personal stories of hope and defiance.

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