If You Need an Excuse to get Moving, This New Nike Launch Is It

When it comes to test driving running shoes, I’m no expert. But as I write this, I’m moving. Heck, I’m actually bouncing and I like it.

It’s no surprise when running shoe launches boast the ability to make the general running experience better, and perhaps to the more seasoned runner, the claims ring true. But for this non-runner, I was pleasantly surprised that hardcore running shoe was so unintimidating; Caster Semenya wears them and so do I. Talk about amateurs trying to level with top international athletes, am I right?  I also like the breathability and responsiveness that (and I kid you not) literally motivated my feet to continue to move.


The energy and bounce of the new Nike Reacts are thanks to Nike’s latest cushioning innovation and a noteworthy breakthrough in footwear foam. And they indeed feel cushiony, not to mention light, but you don’t sink into them. The energy return is noticeable. But what exactly does that mean? Well, when your foot hits the ground it pushes the foam down and transfers energy into the shoe. As your foot comes up again, the foam reverts to its original composition and that energy return to the foot, and this is the bounce you feel. The magic of these babies, is exactly that, the fast reaction and transference of energy. But talk of science and sweat aside, if there is one thing to get a fashion girl to get her act together and exercise, it has to be the shoes.

Nike Epic React Flyknit will be available in the new on February 22 on and at select retailers.