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What is pigmentation ?

Uneven skin tone and a blotchy appearance, due to pigmentation are a great concern for many South African men & women and often cause insecurity and poor self-esteem. Pigmentation is a discolouration of the skin caused by unwanted melanin pigment production, and occurs across all skin tones, whether light or dark in colour.

It can present in two ways : either as hypo-pigmentation, caused by a lack of production of pigment ( as in Vitiligo ), or it can be hyper-pigmentation, caused by the over production of pigmentation ( as with dark patches or sun spots). To complicate matters, pigmentation can also affect the skin on different layers. As opposed to the more superficial epidermal pigmentation, dermal pigmentation will be found in the deeper layers of the skin and is more challenging to treat. Dermal pigmentation is usually associated with hormonal changes and frequently referred to as melasma or the mask of pregnancy, whereas epidermal pigmentation is often the result of inflammation, scarring or UV damage.

Can hyper pigmentation be treated ?

The good news about pigmentation is that an even, radiant complexion is achievable. By reducing the effect of the troublemakers that accelerate pigmentation, and reducing the production of melanin, we can successfully treat these concerns. With regular use of products that specifically target dark spots and pigmentation, the appearance of the discolouration may be lessened and the overall appearance greatly improved.

Optiphi* skincare offers a range of products containing powerful active ingredients that target hyper- pigmentation.

The Complexion Control is a multi-targeted pigmentation moisturizer, containing Retinol and Vitamin C which stimulates cellular renewel, bringing the pigmentation to the surface of the skin in order to lighten and improve the uneven complexion (RRP RI 156).

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