Moisture Monday: Nourish Your Coloured-treated Hair

New Year, New you? Colouring your hair for the new year can be very tempting, and it’s all good. But do keep in mind coloured hair needs some extra love, so here are a few tips to get you back on track.

1. It’s the end!

Natural oils travel from your scalp to about half-way of the strand’s length (especially if your hair is coarse). So, your ends are left behind and prone to be even more dehydrated than usual.

Tip : Add heavier creams and oils like castor oil and shea butter to your hair routine.

2. It’s not that deep.

Deep condition your hair once a week helps restore moisture. The best would be to prepare your own hair protein mask. Protein will repair your strands, especially if you coloured your hair using ‘at home’ kits and treatments with ammonia (really harsh).

Tip : In your blender, add an egg, a banana and some Greek yogurt, depending on the length of your hair.  Seal the deal with the oil of your choice, and leave for 45 minutes. Rinse, and follow up with your usual hair routine!

3. What’s the tea?

The worst part of dying your hair is hair loss. Many people also experience tangled hair due to the dryness, which results in further hair loss. Black tea has a lot to offer in this case because the caffeine balances your hair loss hormone (DHD) and helps fight the shedding.

Tip : Watch this video here  from blogger Naptural85 for guidelines!

4. Freedom

Let’s be honest. Your hair looks good coloured, but it’s traumatised. If you haven’t already, put down the sulfate and silicone shampoos, they’re drying your hair out even more in the long run.

Tip : Use Apple cider vinegar in between shampoos, as it’s more gentle.

5. Don’t blow it all up.

Say goodbye to your hair dryer(at least for the hotter months)! It’s summer after all, you can let your hair hair dry!