Mna Nam: Making Stylish Saving a Habit

Created by ELLE for Sanlam 

Mna Nam is the world’s first accessory that becomes more valuable the more you use it. Be a part of the stylish saving trend.

There are some ways in which our psychology seems to work against us. The human desire for instant gratification is well documented as a barrier to positive savings behaviour – we want rewards now, we don’t want to wait for them. There’s also nothing to rival the feeling of achievement when hard work finally pays off and you get your hands on the exquisite dress you’ve been saving up for. Introducing Mna Nam – your way to make savings occasions a stylish part of day-to-day life.

Mna Nam is a gorgeous one-of-a-kind accessory that integrates technological capability into fashion. Designed by renowned designer Laduma Ngxokolo in conjunction with Sanlam for National Savings Month, the wearable tech accessory elegantly adorns the wrist, with chic gold patterns that fit Ngxokolo’s distinct aesthetic look.

Mna Nam


The band links through to a Savings Wallet on the wearer’s mobile phone through an embedded QR code. By utilising existing technology and the mobile platform to give people an easy tool to save, Mna Nam serves as a visual reminder to champion savings occasions – any moment when you make the decision to save. Do you really need that morning coffee? Perhaps not. Scan to save the money to your Savings Wallet instead. Find a gorgeous garment on sale? Put the money you would have spent straight into Mna Nam.

The best way to encourage yourself to save is to set attainable goals to work towards – some big and some smaller. For a month, at least, focus on making regular savings occasions part of daily life in order to accumulate a sizeable sum. Use this to fund a special night away at a local spot you’ve been excited to explore, purchase a pair of pretty earrings you’ve been ogling or get the winter coat of your dreams.

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