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Yesterday Miranda Kerr announced she won’t be walking in this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show. It will be the first time since 2007 (except for when she was pregnant in 2010) that Kerr won’t join the coveted line-up, leaving everyone to ask the obvious question: why?

At the launch of Stuart Weutzman’s line of 50/50 boots for Gilt, Kerr said that although she is sad about missing the show, she has scheduling conflicts: ‘They asked me to walk in the show and I really wanted to, but I have to be in Asia that week.’

Kerr is referring to commitments she’s made to her Kora Organics beauty line, which is expanding rapidly. They have 400 stores in Australia, a website and recently launched on Net-a-Porter.

Rumours have circulated for a while that the relationship between Kerr and Victoria’s Secret is in decline. According to US Weekly, Victoria’s Secret wanted to cut ties with Kerr due to her ‘difficult reputation’, although Kerr denies this.

‘They are my family and we’re all very close,’ she said. ‘When I spoke to Ed (Razek, President and Chief Marketing Officer for Victoria’s Secret), he was like, “I’m really upset that you can’t be there!” but I’ve got another contract and commitment a the same time.’

The brunette beauty certainly put a positive spin on the situation! Kerr has become a big star and recently signed a deal with airline Qantas and replaced Kate Moss as the face of the clothing line Mango. While sources like The New York Post cites that the commitment of being an Angel became too much for her, US Weekly reports that Kerr was not a ‘big seller’ for Victoria’s Secret compared to other Angels like Alessandra Ambrosio and Candice Swanepoel.

Whatever the reason, we’re sad that she’s given up her wings. Are you?

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