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Last night we held the first ever ELLE Boss Award in partnership with the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award. The award ceremony took place at the Tsogo Sun at Hyde Park Corner in Joburg, and celebrated women in business from both corporate and entrepreneurial categories. Our overall winner is Stacey Brewer, an entrepreneur and founder of SPARK Schools – a network of primary schools dedicated to delivering accessible, high quality education at a price that is affordable to the nation.

Describe yourself in 3 words? 

Believer, Determined, Courageous.

What makes SPARK Schools the future of South Africa? 

SPARK Schools is ensuring that all children across South Africa, irrespective of their backgrounds, have the opportunity to access education that ensures that they are globally competitive and are active citizens of this country.

What does #SPARKquality mean?  

#SPARKquality means that everything that we do from recruitment of staff to service delivery to our academic results should be of the highest level of quality.

Why is CSR so important to you? 

CSR should be ingrained in the DNA of every company. It is a moral responsibility of all companies  to ensure  that communities around them are uplifted.

Success to you means….

When the people around you are being empowered to become better individuals, they are growing both personally and professionally.

An ELLE Boss is…

A believer! Someone who believes that they can address and solve one of the country's greatest problems.

What’s your 5-year plan? 

My 5 year plan is to successfully grow SPARK Schools across the country. SPARK is known as a place of opportunity and empowerment for our children and staff.

Advice to aspiring business women? 

Make sure that you surround yourself with smart and committed people. If you have this, anything is possible!

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