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Winner of the 2014 PPC Imaginarium Awards and the innovator behind Bookha Creations, designer Bokang Lehabe is certainly making waves on the local fashion scene. Here, he tells about his ‘Beast We Call Fashion’ collection, his top style icons and the future of his designs.

ELLE: What inspired your collection for the 2014 PPC Imaginarium Awards? 

I wanted to show how fashion influences us. As people, we lose our identity at times just to fit into the norms of society. We get so consumed by this ‘beast we call fashion’ that we lose who we are and end up becoming it.

ELLE: For the competition you had to work with concrete - what was that like and how did you include it in your final collection?

It was very challenging because I had never worked with it before, but I was up for the challenge. I used concrete as a detail on my garments, showing how something as tough and rigid as cement can complement a soft and romantic material, like lace. It gave the whole look a deconstructed feel.

ELLE: What type of woman wears your clothes?

My looks are sophisticated chic, so it’s for a classy woman who is not afraid to challenge fashion norms.

ELLE: First thing you bought with the prize money?

It all went to the next range I was working on, titled ‘sophisticated chic’, which is available at Boaston Society and WAG on Long street in Cape Town.

ELLE: When you work, what type of music do you listen to?

Everything! I don’t have a specific type, but lately I have been more drawn to tribal house

ELLE: What’s your go-to outfit?

Black skinny jeans are always a lifesaver for me, especially when paired with a nice tee.

ELLE: Favourite fashion icon?

Alexander McQueen. He was and still is everything I want to be in life.

ELLE: If all your dreams come true, where will you be in ten years?

I’ll have boutiques all over the world and be able to showcase during the Paris couture week.

See more of Lehabe’s work here.

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