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For Women’s Month we are profiling inspiring  women who are   making a difference in Africa. In keeping with the theme of #makeithappen we’re bringing you one woman a day for the entire month –innovators, creatives, entrepreneurs and influencers.

Here we meet Amy Bowie, who founded the Cape Town based medical aesthetic treatment clinic, Pulse Dermatology & Laser.

 Your first ever job? 

When I was 14 years old, I wasn’t allowed to work yet but was insistent on making my own money so I went to the super spar down the road and was a helper there. I went a few hours a day after school and made R100 per week.

When you were a little girl you wanted to be…. 

A marine biologist.

Any calming mantras you say to yourself before a stressful job interview?

I always remind myself that I have just as much to offer as them, I refer to interviews as meetings. I see them as opportunities to discuss whether we can help each other in business. The partnership needs to be good for both sides for it to work.

What’s you power outfit? 

A pair of really high black heels, and a black pencil dress that goes down to the knee. 

Best piece of advice you’ve received from another woman?

Work in a way that when you aren’t there your colleagues and clients miss you.

Highlight of your career so far?  

Speaking to my peers at the CTICC medical aesthetics seminar on the art of non surgical aesthetics earlier this year. 

Biggest hurdles in your working life so far, and what have you done to overcome them?

Life is full of hurdles, to evolve in our careers and in life we  have to face and overcome challenges every day. As long as you take things in your stride, remember the end goal and don’t loose our passion we are destined to succeed.

Any apps that help with your working life?

Mobile email access is definitely a winner as well as my load shedding app, as I can't treat with no power. I also make use of Whatsapp, my patients seem love to contact me through this.

This year’s women’s month theme is #MakeItHappen – what does that mean to you?

Well I just LOVE LOVE Love it! That is my motto in life! I believe that all things are possible and love the fact that this message is being spread and embraced.

Being female in Africa means… 

We are part of a movement where freedom and equality are the way of the future. As women in South Africa today we are able to create our own destiny.

What do you think makes an ELLE Boss?

Being able to do anything that a man can do and to do it in heels 

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