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Yes, some weddings win awards!

Fact: for those who choose to walk down the aisle and declare commitment to their beloved, the wedding day is one of the most important days in their lives. Besides making sure everything is just right to create a memorable day, there are also one's friends and family to impress with the perfect wedding. Admit, we all like to impress. With so much organising to be done, many couples turn to wedding planners. Enter Belief (no, not Brooke Logan's secret 90s non-crease formula), an international network of wedding planners. Fortunately for us, Belief also host the Belief awards, where the best weddings from their network of wedding planners are selected. Here are some of the weddings recently announced as winners of the award. If you're planning your nuptials, maybe you'll find a little inspo for that pinterest board you've been working on, no?

The Intimate Beach Affair:

Wedding Planner: Viktoriia Ignateva


Couple: Sasha and Misha

Location: Quinta dos Machados

Décor: With an intimate setting with only 20 people in attendance, a modern mystical arrangement set the tone for this wedding.

Nothing Complicated, Just A Little Function On The Italian Countryside:

Wedding Planner: Sandra Santoro


Couple: Emily and Daniel

emiliy-location-2 emily-loctaion-1

Location: Tenuta La Borriana, Italy


Décor: Décor was kept to a minimum and used served to enhance the soft, natural beauty that is Italy.

The Fairytale Situation:

Wedding Planner: Pilu Delgado


Couple: Cecilia and William


Location: Kawilal Spa, Santa Teresita Hotel, Guatemala

cecelia-decor-2 cecilia-decor

Décor: Red and white so beautifully forms part of an enchanted forest in a Snow White themed wedding.

A Mexican Affair:

Wedding Planner: Guadalupe Alvarez


Couple: Emily and Rigo

emily-location-1 emily-location-2

Location: Casa CC (Ceremony) and Casa Tortugas (Reception), Mexico


Décor: A clash of bright colours against greenery makes for a magical garden feel. Red and orange fruit and flowers are nestled in golden table settings to bring the look together.

'On' The Beach, Because Why Not?

Wedding Planner: Chonlada Lafferty


Couple: Sophie and Sam


Location: Sri Panwa, Thailand


Décor: A modern and graceful beach side wedding kept crisp with a white colour scheme, accented with green.

The Vegan Nuptials:

Wedding Planner: Carolee Higashino

Couple: Peta and Erik



Location: The Olowalu Plantation House, Hawaii

peta-deco-1 peta-deco-2

Décor: With a vegan bride, the wedding day was kept environmentally friendly. Greenery and flora was all that was needed to decorate this already beautiful location.

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Images: supplied

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