Louis Vuitton takes us on a journey that begins on bare skin

The brand revisits fragrance with a new range

From the development of the iconic brand’s first fragrance in 1927, Heures d’Absence, it has since carried through LV’s signature style in elegance and modern sophistication. Inspired by the traveller’s global voyages, Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud has crafted seven scents for women to both accompany its keeper, as well as complement their every step; “It is an invitation to travel, a prologue to an imminent departure.”

The point of construction began with a single scent. Inspired by the aroma of different leathers, Belletrud’s global travels centred his inspiration on the combination of leather strap fragrances, magnolia and jasmine. “I wanted to tell real stories on the skin. Fresh flower scenarios unfurled in my head. I wanted this delicacy to be embodied in each composition.” Says Belletrud. His aim was to place the woman at the centre of the perfume’s journey as he tested the formulas on the women around him.

Working on multiple perfumes was no small task for Belletrud, but he welcomed the challenge with open arms. He said “One provided respite from another when I was overcome by doubt. And it gave me great freedom because it let me tell seven different stories without trying to bring all women together in a single perfume.” We are sure that no matter your preference, you will be able to find the perfect scent for you, who knows, you might even grab yourself two or more!

All perfumes available at Louis Vuitton stores in SA.