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This Is The Most-Liked Wedding Dress On Instagram

It is the definition of a princess gown.

If you're a bride-to-be or even just a fan of beautiful weddings, Instagram is a great place to go for inspiration. From the gown and the cake to the flowers and even the honeymoon, there are endless beautiful images to scroll through. However, when it comes to the dress, there is one that is favoured more than any other.

The pictures of Indonesian bride Intan Azzahra's couture wedding gown have received the most likes of any non-celebrity bride ever, totalling 167,000 clicks of approval, according to Allure.

The dress was made by Ivan Gunawan and is the definition of a Disney princess gown, which makes it not all that surprising that it's been so popular. What makes it truly special though is the beautiful detail – pearl embroidery, waves of tulle, iridescent beads and a beautiful silk train.


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Azzahra accessorised her glamorous gown with oversized teardrop earrings and a tiara that the Duchess of Cambridge would be proud to wear.

Her husband, meanwhile, looked every inch the Prince Charming in a white, embellished suit with a matching hat and sash. Both changed into equally extravagant red ensembles for the reception.

The red swan #couture #dress #brides

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King and queen

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While this is the most-liked wedding dress on Instagram ever, the same accolade over on Pinterest is much less princess-worthy and much more Boho bride. See it here.

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