YouTube personality, Nicole Arbour released the video Dear Fat People and the controversy forced the world to have a conversation about fat shaming.

Using anecdotes, Arbour tells the viewer that, ‘Fat shaming is not a thing, fat people made that up.’ In the six-minute video, Arbour also says, ‘Yes shame people who have bad habits until they f***ing stop. If I offend you so much that you lose weight, I’m okay with that. You have one body, one, it has to take you all the way to the end. They forgot to tell you that plus size also stands for plus heart disease, plus knee problems and plus diabetes!’

While Arbour tweeted that her video ‘broke the internet with comedy’, there have been many reactionary videos of people who either share her sentiment or completely disagree with it. Posted on 4 September, YouTube removed the video and suspended Arbour’s account after viewers flagged it. With her account reinstated, the video has more than 21 million views to date. While Arbour also tweeted that she was ‘censored for her type of satire’, many felt that she used the shock factor of her video to become famous.

Buzzfeed spoke to Arbour about how she handled the criticism online. ‘Will I take what strangers on the internet say about me personally? No, because what they are saying is a ridiculous outrage to a comedy video that has a bit too much truth in the jokes for their personal taste,’ she told Buzzfeed. In future, Arbour says, she will add disclaimers to her videos.

We live in a society where being fat seems like a sin. Body shaming can happen in both forms but it always seems to be the latter that we should aspire to be. While you might bot be able to tell a person’s state of health just by looking at them, being perceived healthy and fit is still about a smaller size.

Shaming fat people does not inspire them to lose weight; it chips away at their confidence so maybe the most important question we need to address is why fat makes people so uncomfortable in the first place?

Watch the video below and tell us, what do you think about fat shaming? Leave your comment below.