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Rob Kardashian and his fiancée Blac Chyna are expecting a baby. The pair couldn’t wait to start a family together, having only gone public about their relationship in January this year, and announcing their engagement last month. Over the past few years the Kardashian family has grown fast, but this new addition will be the first to carry the Kardashian name, seeing as Rob is the only Kardashian son. But as the family grows, it seems to be getting more confusing.

Here is a breakdown of what the family tree is looking like:

  • Rob is engaged to Blac Chyna and they are expecting a child together (Baby)
  • Kylie is dating her brother’s fiancée’s ex fiancé, Tyga
  • Baby is Tyga’s baby’s mother’s baby
  • Tyga and Blac Chyna have a son named King Cairo
  • Kylie is King Cairo’s aunt and stepmother
  • Rob is King Cairo’s stepfather and uncle
  • King Cairo and Baby are half brothers and cousins
  • Kylie and Tyga are Baby’s aunt and uncle

Got it?

It took us a while too.

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