Did you see the ‘Art and Fashion’ feature on page 37 of the ELLE October issue? Fashion editor Asanda Sizani issued a collaborative challenge to fashion designers, and Cleo Droomer and artist Julia Rosa Clark teamed up. We are so inspired by Julia that we had to pop in to her home to see where the magic happens.

Julia Rose Clark

What do you love about your space?

‘It gets the best of the morning and afternoon sun, and despite being in windy Vredehoek it’s very quiet and protected. I have a tiny view of the sea and Signal Hill and great views of Table Mountain. Also, because it’s one floor up and surrounded by trees, I feel like I am in a tree-house.’



How would you describe it?

‘It’s a quiet space. No-one enters except myself, my partner and a few friends and family (and now ELLE). It’s very private because I don’t have space to entertain more than one or two people.’


IMG_0364  IMG_0311


Julia’s work space. Every corner of her apartment bursts with colour.






We love your light structures. Tell us about them?

‘Two of my lights  were made by Brett Murray, in collaboration with Conrad Botes. I made all the other lights. I used to design and produce paper and plastic lights under the Golden Bokkie brand which I sold at various retailers and at Neighbourgoods Market.’

Lights  Light-decor

What do you listen to while you work?

‘Patti Smith, Bob Dylan, Tinariwen, downloaded mixtapes from the VYNYL website, Jessye Norman and music from the Cape Town Central Library’s music collection.’

And the art on your walls?

‘I don’t have many finished pieces of my own work hanging up, but works-in-progress and sketches are often put up temporarily as I work.

I used to think I was too irresponsible to own art; it’s something you really have to look after, I think, for the good of our collective cultural heritage. When you own an artwork you are the custodian – the work should live on after you.

As I have grown older and more responsible, I have begun to collect art. The works are often given to me as gifts though.

I own works by Jane Alexander, Georgina Gratrix, Ian Grose, Hylton Nel, Michael Linders, Andrzej Nowicki, Ed Young, Matty Roodt, Morné Visagie, Christiaan van Eeden and Chloe Reid.’

Art-pieces  Artwork

What inspires you?

‘I love looking at objects, surfaces and spaces from the past as well as the contemporary world. I also love testing different materials and look for inspiration in shops, markets and second-hand stores.’

We love your outside verandah. Do you enjoy gardening?

‘My mom is a great gardener and has helped me a lot. Her best advice is not to fuss too much over plants and just let them do their thing – which seems to have worked. It’s amazing watching a plant grow.’

Julia Rose Clarke  Julia Rose Clark

‘My home is filled with precious pieces found at the Milnerton market, second-hand shops and inherited hand-me-downs.’ Julia


Your home is quite tidy. Is this because we were coming or can it sometimes get quite chaotic when you’re working?

‘It does get chaotic but I have developed a healthy habit of tidying up as I work. I enjoy an orderly space but don’t always feel compelled to make my bed, wash up or pack things away if I am not in the mood.’

IMG_0266  IMG_0274

When and where will your next exhibition be?

‘I have been painting again for the first time in years. Last month I exhibited at the FNB Joburg Art Fair and I have some projects coming up that still need to be finalised.’

View Julia’s work here.

You can also view and buy her work at Whatiftheworld Gallery here.

2 Responses

  1. Rod Gregory

    great to see what Julia does and has surrounded herself with…..creativity…..it’s in her blood

  2. Binky Newman

    I love Julias use of and love of colour – shades of her mother.
    Great photographs, great space – very inspirational, Jules.
    You have inspred me to do something creative with my pin board!