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City Style: Meet Sarah Diouf from Dakar

Africa is the continent with rich style and we're sure you'll all agree.  In every issue of ELLE we profile some of the most stylish women on the content,meet Sarah Diouf, featured in our November issue.



Sarah Diouf was born in Paris to Central African and Senegalese parents. She spent most of her childhood in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, which holds a special place in her heart. ‘I have always considered myself a child of Africa,’ she says. ‘The mix of cultures is so prominent that I just take all of my cultural baggage and put everything into my work.’

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Inspirations and aesthetic?

Photographers such as Malick Sidibé, Seydou Keita and Okhai Ojeikere have played a huge part in my visual education for the new African narrative I am trying to build. Brandwise, I believe clothing should be fun, wearable and comfortable, and I am always inspired by travelling. I envisage pieces, pair them with locations and try to create around that.

Your personal style?

Carefree. I dress based on how I feel, but I love accessories. Statement pieces, a bold print and a clean shape are my go-to.

Shopping tip?

When in doubt, go for classics and always pick comfort over trends; you’ll end up wearing the pieces longer.

Latest purchase?

A Louis Vuitton Palm Spring mini- backpack. I bought it on a recent trip to Paris. I took the bi-colour model, as I find it cute and easy to wear daily with a casual look– jeans, sandals, shirt. It’s also a very cool piece that not everyone would sport, which is a plus.

Favourite shopping spots?

This will probably disappoint, but I am a true Chardonnay shopper. Receiving my online shopping orders always feels like Christmas to me. I’ve grown to hate spending time in stores – unless it’s an emergency.

The perfect items?

A white shirt for casual and business days, an off-the-shoulder top or dress for date nights, and big earrings 24/7.

See Sarah's city style images below:

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