The Internet Is Livid With This Guy Who Cheated On His Girlfriend


In the video, the former couple sits face to face and discusses how the ex-boyfriend (since identified as Leonard Long III) cheated on her countless times without any regard for her feelings. Immediately, Kourtney is incredibly emotional given their heartbreaking conversation, while her ex appears to be mostly unfazed. They first explain how they got together before getting into the details of their relationship’s downfall—and suffice to say by video’s end, the internet is Team Kourtney.

Dubbing the woman in the video #HurtBae, thousands took to Twitter on Wednesday night to express just how much the video had wrecked them.

Some chose to express their feelings by showing their support for Kourtney herself (or, you know, posting Mario lyrics on her Instagram)…

…While others instead chose to show their feelings for her ex.

But for those who are wondering, this story does have a happy ending—some internet sleuths ended up finding Kourtney on social media and learned she is now in a happy, loving relationship, just like she so obviously deserves.

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