This Is The Instagram Post That Kim Kardashian Regrets The Most

Since joining Instagram five years ago, Kim Kardashian has racked up an impressive 3,876 posts, but in her recent make-up tutorial with YouTuber Patrick Starrr, she admitted that she has some serious regret about one of them.

In the video, Kim spilt the beans on everything from the weird body part she always spray tans, to her talent at making Rice Crispy cakes, but it was a confession that she hated her hands that lead to her Instagram revelation.

When Patrick was applying Kim’s eyeliner she commented that she didn’t know how he does make-up with such long nails, explaining why she always tends to have short nails.

‘I can’t even function when I have long nails.’

And if you’re interested, Kim even took the time to rank her sisters in terms of nail length. Which we will of course share with you all because it really is vital information we could all benefit from:

  1. Longest nails – Khloe
  2. Kylie
  3. Kendall
  4. Kim
  5. Shortest nails – Kourtney

But when Patrick asked Kim K to share her nails with the world she admitted she hates her hands.

And it’s actually Kim’s completely unnecessary hatred of her hands that lead to her admitting that she has one serious photo regret.

‘One of my biggest photo regrets is when I got engaged and I had the shortest nails when I showed my picture. It would have looked so much better with long nails.’

The offending picture:


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We should imagine that her followers were too busy being distracted by that Lorraine Schwartz ring and the “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!” in the background to pay much attention to her manicure.

Watch the full video below:

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