We’ve recently introduced Insta-crush of the week! As one of the leading social networks, but with so many people using it, it can be difficult to work out who to follow. So each week we’ll be introducing some of our favourite Instagrammers around. From street-style fashionistas to landscape photographers, we bring you the people who you may not be following, but definitely should be.

This week? Meet Cape Town based food stylist, Sam Linsell.

ELLE: What is @drizzleanddip?

Drizzle and Dip is the name of my food blog so I name all my social media after that. It’s a blog about my adventures around cooking, food writing and photography.

ELLE: How long have you been on Instagram?

2 years

ELLE: What inspired this Instagram account?

I only got onto Instagram when I got an iPhone and I felt immediately drawn to the platform around images of food and travel.

ELLE: Your Instagram style?

Most of my images are taken with my iPhone and of the food that I either eat, cook or shoot. I also like to take photos of beautiful places I visit.

ELLE: Favourite picture on your Instagram?

I wouldn’t be able to choose a favourite as I think the medium is about generating regular snapshots of many favourites.

ELLE: Top 3 people to follow on Instagram?

I love to follow very creative Instagram accounts especially around food and food travel. There are so many amazing people to follow (which you can find under my followers) and a few of my favourite are @marte_marie_forsberg@kosje and @nicole_Franzen.

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