ELLE’s resident astrologer Dianne Garven provides her prediction for the New Moon.

New Moon is always the beginning of a new Lunar cycle, known as the lunar month. It is the perfect time to start a new exercise routine, change your diet, break a bad habit or do a detox, but it is important to wait 12 hours after the New Moon before you start the new ‘project’ or routine.


Not much has changed since last week. You are still feeling impulsive and restless, but this week you are trying to keep the peace and make amends. You are still in a mood to spend money, but be careful of being reckless with your finances, it is sure to cause arguments between you and your partner and it will catch up to you later in the month.


You are still not feeling too sociable this week as finances are still tighter than you would like and on top of that, there seems to be an issue at work that is causing you a lot of stress and worry. Try not to get too tied up with it as it is only likely to be dealt with and resolved next week.


After having a relatively good week last week, things seem to have turned slightly. You seem to be overly concerned with either a skill you feel you lack in your work environment or an email you have received or need to send. Just get it done, stop procrastinating, the procrastination will just cause you more stress.


Things going on at work are your main focus this week. You are struggling with a management issue and you are not sure of your course of action. You need to step up and take the lead and stop trying to keep everyone else happy. Use your diplomacy skills and you will be well received.


Still getting a lot done and this is a busy week for you, both socially and at work. Guard against taking on too much, you will end up just running into trouble by not being able to get everything done or meet deadlines. Be more realistic about what is possible and ask for or enlist some help.


You seem to want to go into hiding this week. You need some time out, allow yourself that – it will be good for you. You are also fretting too much about money. Virgos are generally cautious spenders and are very resourceful, you just need to make the necessary adjustments. Things will be better next week.

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You are running around trying to please everybody – your partner in particular – and are going to end up being frustrated and getting into unnecessary bickering and arguments. You and your partner seem to be in very different spaces or have very different ideas about what takes priority right now. Try to have your say without losing your temper.


This week Scorpios are feeling a financial pinch due to the fact that you seem to have higher expenses than normal – leaving you with little to spend on socialising and the little luxuries you like. This is likely to leave you feeling very frustrated, especially as this is a week of more social demands than usual.


Things are going well in the Archers’ camp this week. Work is very busy and good, you have a lot you are responsible for and a lot to get through. You seem to be motivated and managing your time well. Your hard work will not go unnoticed; this is a good time to show your true worth at work.


With this week come financial pressures and stress at home. As mentioned last week, Capricorns are taking strain at the moment with a lot going on for them. You are worrying too much about finances and this is causing animosity in your domestic environment. You will be able to take action and sort things out a bit better next week. Nothing to be done about it this week, just planning.


You are in a romantic and social mood this week. Finances may not allow you to indulge, but you will find creative ways of getting around this little obstacle. You are also feeling a little exploited at work, being forced to get things done that are not part of your portfolio or job description. People are taking advantage of your willingness to help out where it is needed. Your challenge is to know your boundaries and assert them.


This is a good and productive week for you. Work is going well and you are in a particularly creative space. Colleagues may be leaning on you heavily for emotional support and advice. You are always compassionate, empathetic and willing to listen, even though you may feel that you don’t have the advice or time.

Dianne Garven has been practicing as an astrologer for over 10 years and is the Chairman of the Cape Astrology Association. Dianne trained under celebrated South African astrologer Rod Suskin and now runs her own astrology courses, as well as offering readings.

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