5 Hairstyle Ideas For Warmer Weather

Get ready to slay..

With Summer just around the corner, we are looking forward to showing off a little more shoulder and of course some black girl -magic thanks to the versatility our hair offers. And although there’s still work to be done and school to get out of the way, it wouldn’t hurt to start mentally drafting those hairstyles come the rooftop parties and braais.

Here are some ideas to get you plotting on how you’re going to be looking when you’re swaying to Boom Shaka with a cold libation in hand.

1.Box it

Box braids are timeless and thank goodness there is a hairstyle that works all year round and requires minimal effort.  This is our personal go-to but ease up on the pulling and give your hairline a break by wearing them down. Uber long braids are very in and will  be for a while so treat yourself to some inches, honey!

Inspiration: Solange

Image. Solange rocking long box braids. Pinterest

Image: Desiree shot by Tristan Barkowski. Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Image. Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

2. Go Bold (or bald)

Warmer weather somehow gives people the confidence to apply drastic changes to their hair, especially closer to the new year.  Don’t be shy when it comes to experimenting with pastels but we do recommend that you stay away from the neon colours. Take extra care when you dye your hair, especially if you need to bleach it(as is the case with most bright colours) and make sure you go to a pro to get it done.  Not ready to dye it? Wigs and braids are a great way to switch it up too.

Inspiration: SZA

Image: SZA pulling off a bold tangerine weave. Pinterest

Image: Pinterest via Blossom Victoria

Image: theodysseyonline.com

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Image: Nyané Lebajoa (@nyanelebajoa). Instagram

3. Make it elaborate

When Beyoncé said we should get in formation or rather when Alicia Keys kept falling in the early oughties, no one predicted that her wind-swept braids would trend in such a BIG way, and they are still hot. Taking from traditional African hairstyles of West Africa dating as far back as the 19th century, cornrows are the in thing right now. (Note that for most of us throughout childhood, these hairstyles were a staple). Nowadays you can play with colour and accessorize using beads and shells or maybe you prefer an elaborate up-do?  This hairstyle is no fuss but it’s tré elegant.

Inspiration: Alicia Keys

Image. Alicia Keys in Ghana Braids.

Image: Pinterest


“Beads and Braids. Styled by James @thatdarkskingirl .

Image: Pinterest

Image: labafrica.org

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

4.  Go Big 

Whether it’s a faux ‘fro or au-naturelle, there has never been a better time to raise the roof with your gorgeous mane. Think Diana Ross of The Supremes and add some flowers, tease it out to make it even bigger. However you decide to wear this hairstyle, you’re guaranteed to make heads turn.

Inspiration: Lauryn Hill

Image. Lauryn Hill.

Image. Yagazi Emezie. Pinterest

Image. Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Image. Nomalanga. Pinterest

5. Faux Locs

Faux locs, next to braids are an Instagram  aesthete’s “earthy girl” dream. Faux locs have that effortlessly cool vibe about them and it’s no wonder Bad Gal Riri also caught on to the hairstyle, albeit briefly. Faux locs are best kept down or half-up half-down and last approximately two months if you take care of them.

Inspiration: Rihanna

Image: Rihanna. Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Image. Eva Marcille Pigford. Rolling Stone

Image: michelle marshall (@iammichellemarshall). Instagram

Image: @kiiera. Insagram

These are just a few things you can play with in the meantime, we’ve got more coming!