Did ‘Game of Thrones’ Recycle Viserys’ Wig for Rhaegar Targaryen?

Guys, c’mon. Your budget is huge.

Who thought Rhaegar was Viserys? 😂

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“I know, it was a little bit of a double take for everybody,” director Jeremy Podeswa said of their twinning look. “But they’re meant to look similar!”

Honestly, it’s hard to tell that these two aren’t the same person—and part of that is because they *seem* to be wearing the same wig. Which…huh. But Reddit has a simple explanation:

“At first I kind of cringed upon seeing that Rhaegar had Viserys’s hairstyle from S1, but it actually makes sense that Viserys would try to style himself after the Last Dragon. I think he was trying to copy his big brother by emulating his hairstyle. An insignificant detail, but it makes sense.”

Yeah, okay, sure, it’s totally on purpose! Or, you know, Game of Thrones just panicked about their lack of wigs:

Reminder: these wigs are said to cost $7,000 to make, so you can understand HBO wanting to save a little cash.

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