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Every year, ambitious millennials the world over gather in suspense as Forbes magazine announces it's 30 under 30 to watch. Including mavericks, game-changers, movers and makers from all corners of the globe, this auspicious lists includes 600 young people in 19 fields who are wasting no time in making their mark on society. Last week, this year's list was released: and there is a shocking scarcity of women.



Take a look at the figures:

Arts and Style: 18/30                   Hollywood: 16/30

Venture Capital: 8/30                 Consumer technology: 2/30

Music: 11/30                                 Manufacturing: 8/30

Retail: 13/30                                 Sport: 5/30

Science: 12/30                              Food: 7/30

Law and politics: 9/30               Games: 8/30

Health: 11/30                               Energy: 8/30

Social: 16/30                                Education: 12/30

Marketing: 13/30                        Media: 15/30

Finance: 6/30

So, to sum it up, women only outnumber men in 6 out of 19 categories, and equal them in 1. The rest? It's a whitewash, with the male selectees outnumbering the females to sometimes ludicrous degrees (Sport, Venture Capital, Finance, Consumer Technology). Of the very elite 20 Standout People under 30, only a quarter are women.

Notable inclusions in this year's list, are Blake Lively (for her lifestyle blog Preserve), and Science boff Julia Schwarz who designed software used in computer vision and machine learning to improve user interfaces. Also on the list is media mogul in the making Alexandra Cavoulacos (above, left), founder of the popular online publication The Muse.

We're disconcerted by the lack of women in the list, but it certainly doesn't reflect a lack of talented females out there. We're choosing to see the list as a challenge: 2015, ladies, let's dominate.

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