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Five Women's Area3 Editorials You Have To See

Adidas Originals creative base, Area3 has given an opportunity for young Cape Town creatives to orchestrate their own shoots in a studio space guided by creative directors Gabriella Kannemeyer and Imraan Christian. What's great about the project is that it has created a platform, which these creatives - mostly women - can freely share their work and collaborate.

We've been so inspired by the visuals being produced in the project so far that we've rounded up five of our favourite editorials produced by women.

And here they are in no particular order.

1. Lindisiwe Mlotywa

When I walked into the space for the first time I was overwhelmingly inspired by the strong light and monochromatic, simple style of the room... I used a single piece of furniture to create the mood.

2. Sara Lagardien

Through this body of work I aimed to challenge the perceptions that people have of young Muslims of colour and their Islamic identity which is often viewed through a very narrow and linear lens.

3. Mikhailia Petersen

Reinterpreting Adidas in the context of the South African identity.

 4. Damola Akintunde

Being of a darker skin complexion, it was hard for me to see the beauty of it until I personally saw it in nature. I was able to see the earth tones of the ground I walked on and saw how it nurtured the beautiful flora sprouting deep green leaves.

 5. Haneem Christian

 This series is about the ways in which we connect with each other and share parts of ourselves without condition, an intimacy that exists beyond any boundary of binaries.

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