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Five Things To Know For Your First Time On Set For A Fashion Photoshoot

Assisting on a fashion shoot is any intern's dream come true, but it isn’t all fabulous, all the time. These are the five things to note for any newbie on set.


Be early

This can’t be stressed enough. Even if everyone else is late, you need to be the one on time because it shows that you’re dedicated and professional. There could also be last minute changes, so being early gives you the advantage of being completely prepared for anything.

Dress Comfortably

As you’re the intern you can expect to be the one running around for lunch, last-minute forgotten items and anything else in-between, so high heels just won’t be practical.

Bring water and snacks

Shoots can go on for hours without a break so ensure that you’re taken care of and able to keep up by bringing your own snack that you can nibble on between shots. Sometimes the location won’t provide water so think ahead and bring an extra bottle with the models in mind; being in front of the camera for extended periods can be exhausting.

Interact with the whole team

Your team is a group of professionals who have made a career of their creative skills and have probably been in the business for years. Interact with everyone - you’re likely to get some valuable advice and tips for your own career as you work your way into the industry.

Start and end the day with a smile

Call times can be quite early in the morning and by the time you get there it's not guaranteed that everyone will be happy to be there. Walking into the shoot with a smile not only gets you into the right mood but it could also help everyone else around you by lifting the general mood.

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