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We’re getting to know our top eight ELLE Rising Star Design Award in association with Mr Price finalists a little better and today we chat to finalist Jenevieve Lyons whose collection ‘Papyrus’ is based on the re-appropriation of religious symbols within fashion.


I can’t start the day without…. inspiration and visual stimulus; I live for my pin board filled with tangible stimuli that hold meaning to me.

You are currently obsessed with?

Long, teased hair.

My collection : ‘Papyrus communicates as an eight-piece collection based on the re-appropriation of religious symbols within fashion. The collection took inspiration from religious symbols other than the usual and expected. For the main inspiration there were pages from the Bible, monastic culture as well as catholic nuns’ attire. The collection plays with these symbols through the use of proportions, for example long and short, sheer and solid, hard and soft. This concept was exaggerated with the fabric that I developed myself, a dry rubber-cast, cracked-paint fabric. The collection is called Papyrus as the word Bible was originally a diminutive of biblos ‘papyrus, scroll’ and is of Semitic origin.

Jenevieve LyonsJenevieve Lyons

Jenevieve LyonsJenevieve Lyons

If your collection had to have a theme song, what would it be?

Under Ice by Kate Bush.

My first memory of fashion is…

Buying my first ELLE magazine at the age of 14.

My own style is…

Individualistic, self-interpretive.

One thing we need to know about you as a designer?

I am motivated and driven by the process of creating something tangible from a creative vision, and I aim to depict visual parables through fashion.

Name five celebs (dead or alive) you would most like to dine with?

Alexander McQueen, Freddie Mercury, Vivienne Westwood, Hussein Chalayan, and Aitor Throup.

Chalayan Fall 2013 RTW



If you could dress any celeb for a red carpet event, who would it be?

Grace Coddington.


Name one designer you would most like to meet?

Boris Bidjan Saberi.


What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider, is chaos for the fly.

Name one thing about yourself that we don’t know.

I have an uncompromising addiction to researching different fields of study.

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Images: supplied and Vogue and Textstyles

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