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Fassler Does Boudoir

‘Nothing looks as good as Fassler feels’, wrote Anita Mapoine Makgetla.

As a personal fan of Marianne Fassler’s designs, creative direction and longevity in the South African industry, I know the above to be true.

This week, we received new images from Fassler Boudouir. The series is shot in a spare bedroom inside Marianne’s  home where the walls are filled with Tretchikoff prints. Marianne was a friend of the artist I also have respect for when he was still living, and she did a collaboration with the Tretchikoff foundation a few years ago.

Above: Picture of Marianne in the Tretchikoff room in her house in Saxonwold, 1990’s

The garments modelled by Lady Skollie, shot by Zander Opperman, are either from the Summer collection or evolved from it as the brand is promoting the campaign as their Resort essentials.

We spoke to the Fassler team about the image series and this is what they had to share.

  1. Please share the history of the friendship between Marianne and Tretchikoff?

Marianne Fassler is always looking for inspiration within the continent and Tretchikoff is an obvious muse with his exquisite portraits of not only Asian beauties, but Swazi Ndebele and Zulu women. Tretchikoff was anti-establishment and reviled against the art establishment, a perfect rebel muse. Tretchikoff responded to the exotic, the other, the original. He saw women in a very sensual way, yet another reason why his work was not only very popular but made the establishment feel very uncomfortable. “Our connection was immediate and right until his death. He even wore the leopard gown out to lunch at Calvin Grove, much to the embarrassment of his entire family. He wore his leopard Fassler gown with pride.”- says Marianne Fassler

  1. Tell us about the relationship between art and the designs from the collection.

Art is imagination merged with emotional power, turned into a visual form. This is the approach which is always applicable when designing the next Fassler collection.

Lezanne Viviers, Creative Director at Marianne Fassler.

Art is life, art is being present, art is being observant, art informs design. Always.

  1. Why was Lady Skollie the perfect choice to appear in the Fassler Boudoir campaign?

Laura is the essence of the ideal Fassler women, beautifully captured by writer and poet, Melissa Fontini, who originated a poem to capture our SS1718 RESORT collection: 'she holds the artistry of a woman. she is as she stands, she is as she feels. she is nobody but herself.’

  1. What was the brief to the photographer in producing the campaign and the mood you wanted to convey?

The location of the shoot is the Tretchikoff bedroom in Marianne’s house which sets the tone with Tretchikoff’s exquisite portraits, their exoticism, and their sensuality. The aim of the shoot was to purvey the magical feeling of wearing a Marianne Fassler garment.

  1. What is the spirit of Resort 17/18?


See the beautiful collection below

Fassler Boudouir. Lady Skollie. Photography: Zander Opperman

Fassler Boudouir. Lady Skollie. Photography: Zander Opperman

Fassler Boudouir. Lady Skollie. Photography: Zander Opperman

Fassler Boudouir. Lady Skollie. Photography: Zander Opperman








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