Welcome to the fashion closet, Maybe Corpaci and Monica Pozyn! We asked our new fashion interns to interview each other.

New Fashion Interns

Monica chats to Maybe.

What did you do before joining ELLE?

I’m a bit of a globetrotter. Before ELLE I’ve graduated in economics and management from universities in Trieste, Italy and Paris. I then travelled to South Africa and Brazil before deciding to settle in Cape Town.

How would you describe your own style?

I would say versatile is the right word for it. Sometimes very feminine and girly, sometimes more boyish and edgy. Fashion is about reinventing and playing – and who doesn’t like to play?

What was your first week at ELLE like?

The best thing for me is that every day is different and brings its own challenges. Every day we work towards a goal and it’s rewarding to see the progress and the achievements. I’ve started only a week ago and I’ve already learnt so much.

What is your pet peeve?

Definitely Lycra and nude tights. I can’t look at them!

Maybe chats to Monica.

Why fashion and why ELLE?

New, different, unexpected, exciting! These are words that perfectly describe ELLE. I wanted to join the ELLE fashion team because there is a group of highly talented, successful and inspiring women behind every issue and I wanted to learn from them. Stretching as far back as my mind will allow, I’ve wanted to work in the fashion industry.  I am fascinated by the latest trends and designs and how each person incorporates them into his/her style. I just can’t see myself doing anything else.

What is your first fashion memory?

My mom has the most amazing collection of shoes and as a little girl I used to play around in her cupboard. That’s where my shoe addiction began.

What has been your biggest challenge as an ELLE intern?

In the magazine industry and especially fashion everything is fast-paced and every day is different. That’s what I love about this internship; that I never know what to expect. But for now it’s all about just getting through each day.

Any secret indulgences?

French loaf, Camembert and a glass of red wine.

I can’t live without…

Maybe: …my iPhone. It’s so addictive!

Monica: …my family and friends

I am obsessed with…

Maybe: …Melissa shoes and Chanel nail polish.

Monica: …shoes and bright lipstick.

My current fashion closet favourite is…

Maybe: …studded Hunter boots.

Monica: …neon yellow Louis Vuitton heels.

Hunter boots


Louis Vuitton heels


Working as an intern means arranging the fashion closet and making sure that everything is neat and orderly for Poppy, Tarryn and Asanda to select and style items for a shoot.

After each shoot it is time to chase prices and get the captions right to go to print.


In The Fashion Closet

Until next time, ELLE fans!

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  1. SInazo

    This is really inspiring. Im currently a student at Lisof in Johannesburg and someday aspire to Intern for Elle magazine. Its so awsome how you ladies have given loyal readers a slight insite of what takes place behind the scenes…Thank you

  2. Gaby

    This is so inspiring. I really wish I was as fortunate to have the opportunity to work for Elle as an intern. Will there be any new available internship’s at Elle this year?

  3. Tamara

    When will the next round of internship opportunities be?