We’ve got the snaps you don’t want to miss! From the streets of Paris, Milan, and New York here is our round-up of editors and models as they left the A/W 2013 shows. It was near impossible to edit our favourites, so here are our top picks: neutral and pastel colour pallettes, delicate fabrics and minimalism to the max!

‘By layering a heavy winter floor-length coat over the cocktail dress, the dress is immediately appropriate for both day and evening events. The layering of the outfit keeps it sophisticated and the contrast in textures keeps it interesting.’ – Poppy Evans


‘Metallic detail takes this look to the next level. I love the luxury feel of this look that would otherwise be very simple and understated.’ – Jenna McArthur


‘I am a great lover of bright colour worn with texture and contrasting colours. I cannot wait to own all things checked, so naturally I adore her trousers. Her accessory choices are great, too, because they almost blend with her look – we do hope that her coat is faux fur though!’ – Tarryn Oppel


‘I love this head-to-toe Prada look. It’s classic and quirky all at the same time. The colour and applique give the classic beige some personality and humour, along with the round-framed sunglasses.’ – Poppy Evans


‘This look is beautiful – very architectural and another take on volume and minimalism. Her look shows the new take on the peplum with an empire-inspired influence. The proportions are perfect and embody the colours of the season with gentle blue and tangerine. ‘ – Jackie Burger


‘I’m not sure how functional this cut-out coat is when it comes to keeping warm, but who the hell cares? It has a definite fragility to it, which makes it extremely feminine regardless of the structured shape.’ – Poppy Evans


‘I love the red stockings against her ocean blue heels. The coat is key for winter and this one is simply beautiful and unique’ – Jenna McArthur


‘Susie Bubble works a sweater and beanie with disco shine! I love the combo and it’s the mixing of luxe with sports-inspired knitwear that makes this look effortlessly cool. Those reflective shades just seal the deal.’ –Jenna McArthur


‘This look is about the oversized coat. It’s maximum minimalism! The white on white trend is big this season and excites me, it’s a transitional trend.’ – Jackie Burger


Images: Coolhunt Inc