Ewan McGregor Confirms He’s A ‘Woke Bae’, Just In Case You Had Any Damn Doubt


Ewan McGregor uttering the words ‘I’m a woke bae’ is, honestly, more than we could have ever dreamed of in this life

Ewan McGregor, man who walked out on a Piers Morgan interview because he criticised the Women’s Marches, and who self-identifies as a feminist, is most definitely a woke bae (translation: “A woke bae is a boyfriend or [usually male] significant other who is progressive and enlightened in general.” Thanks Urban Dictionary) In fact, we’re pretty sure that the term ‘woke bae’ was invented just to describe Ewan McGregor! And absolutely no one else!

But, despite the fact that these two things go together in our heads, we never thought—in our wildest dreamsthat those things would go together in Ewan’s head. But, apparently, they do!

Ewan, 45-year-old singing sensation, revealed to Vanity Fair at the premiere of his new film, T2 Trainspotting, that he is ‘fucking proud’ to be the wokest of the baes.

“I’m a woke bae!” he said on the red carpet, smiling, “I’m fucking proud to be a woke bae! I’m very proud about that. I am that.”

We’re proud of you too, Ewan.

While we have you here, may we take this opportunity to list some of Ewan’s wokest bae moments?

1. Ewan walks out on a Piers Morgan interview after Morgan tweeted disparaging comments about the International Women’s Marches.

2. Ewan reveals he tries to be naked as much as possible on screen, so women don’t have to.

3. Ewan reveals he avoids sex scenes with younger actresses because the ageism against women in Hollywood makes him uncomfortable.

4. Ewan acknowledges that female friendships are ‘more connected’ and ‘happier’.

5. Ewan is a Unicef ambassador and champion for displaced and poverty-striken mothers and daughters.

Find you a man.

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