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With Mother’s Day creeping up on us this coming Sunday, the ELLE team takes some time out to share with you their mums and the special moments they share.

Lauren de Beer, ELLE beauty intern


My mum has, and forever will be a big part of my life. From her loving, worry-pot ways to always knowing the right thing to say, she is someone who can never be replaced. Her strength and support have gotten me through a lot in life and I will always be grateful for everything that she has done. This Mother’s Day I plan to spoil my mum with some of her favourites to show her how much I love and appreciate her – something I often forget to do.

Lynette Botha, ELLE assistant editor

Lynette-Chloe-ELLE MUMS

Is it even possible to sum up the love for one’s mother in a quick paragraph? I think not. If it wasn’t for my mom teaching me the power of determination I wouldn’t be where I am today; I also wouldn’t be able to cook and I probably wouldn’t have such a penchant for bubbly and white wine. She is also one of my girls’ biggest sources of joy. Happy Mother’s Day mom, love you!

Maybe Corpaci, ELLE editorial assistant


Selfless and extremely generous, my mum is the most genuine and altruistic person I know. I love her for her transparency and admire her for her strength. If I was lucky enough to spend Mother’s Day with her (she lives in Italy), I would make sure I do exactly what she does to others – fill her heart with joy and love.

Tarryn Oppel, ELLE fashion editor


My mom and I are similar in many ways: we have a shopping addiction, can both sew, have the same shoe size, have a habit of frowning when we aren’t even angry, love watching MasterChef Australia, The Amazing Race, and (shamefully) Keeping Up With The Kardashians. However, what sets my mom apart from me is the fact that she is a loving wife, mother and grandmother who is a teacher (literally) of many life lessons that have shaped me into the woman I am today – without her I would be nothing and with her I’d be nothing short of the happiest girl in the world as long as I have her by my side! This Mother’s Day I’d like her to put her feet up and relax while I (with some help from my nieces) make a big lunch for her and the rest of the family – something so simple is what she loves most, although I can’t forget about that silk blouse she pointed out last week.

Jessica Baxter, ELLE senior copy editor

Jessica-ELLE MUM

My mom is an incredibly giving person and over the years she has spoilt me rotten. Mother’s Day is an opportunity for me to do the same for her, so I plan on treating her to lunch at her favourite restaurant where we can enjoy a good meal together and share stories over a bottle of wine (or two).

Nicole Newman, ELLE fashion assistant


My mum is not only the most beautiful woman I know but also the most inspiring. Having always been a working mom I have forever admired how she balanced her career and her family – I still remember my favourite days being when she took off work to spend time with my sister and I. This Sunday we’ll be going wine tasting and cheese plattering at Constantia Glen – our new favourite weekend spot, for obvious reasons.

Holly Meadows, ELLE online editor


My mum unfortunately passed away many years ago, and some of you reading this now, may also be without a mother on Mother’s Day. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a sad day, it can also be a time for rare, quiet and happy reflection. I find myself remembering all of her wonderful qualities and what special memories we shared that will never be forgotten, because it’s days like this that force me to remember. What a selfless, modest and beautifully understated woman she was – I hope one day I will get to be half the mother she was.

What will you be doing with your mum on Mother’s Day? Share your plans with us by leaving a comment below of tweeting @ELLEMagazineSA #MothersDay.

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