We ask the ELLE Belles what their highlights of the September issue are…


Jenna Robbertse, deputy editor

The La Sardina Cubic Lomography Camera and Flash for R1 144.74 from Exposure Gallery on page 91. Besides the fact that I love taking pictures, I adore the print on the camera and its retro feel.

LomographyAsanda Sizani, fashion editor

I loved Leigh Peinke’s ‘How To Wear Brights’ shoot on page 86. The coral monotone look is my absolute favourite – a styling lesson. The sporty hoodie over a perforated cardi is unexpected for a tailored drop-waist dress, which is actually part of a suit. The striped Sissy Boy flatforms are on my wishlist too.


Sarah Koopman, features writer

There is so much to get excited and inspired by in this issue. My favourite read in the issue is Jacqui Watson’s piece about moving from Cape Town to Jo’burg on page 142. Her story – from how she felt when she found out she had to move, to what keeps her going through the tough times – is beautifully written, honest and inspiring.


Lynette Botha, beauty editor

Picking my favourite items from this issue is very difficult. I’d have to say it’s a toss up between the Dolce & Gabbana 18-carat gold-plated acetate sunglasses on page 93 (summer lust-have), and the awesome Lomography cameras on page 135.

SunglassesTarryn Oppel, fashion editor

A very obvious highlight for me was the ‘Pop Goes Africa’ shoot on page 60. It’s always great to work with world-renowned model Katryn Kruger. I have never experienced such an intricate, technically challenging shoot. Photographer Damon Fourie did a fantastic job with it, without any of the shadows being done in postproduction. I really love this shoot.


Janice Grant, beauty assistant

‘Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes’ on pages 56 and 57. I absolutely loved this feature because it immediately got me thinking about all the moments that have changed my life. Each story hit a cord for me somehow, from my best friend whom I would die without to a boy that stole my heart and, of course, the moment I found out about my job here at ELLE. It really gets you thinking about your own life and all the moments that have got you to where you are now. Share your moment that changes your life at elle.co.za.


Jackie Burger, editor

The Britto silk scarf on page 23 is a must for me. Beautiful silk scarves are an accessory essential and can be worn in a multitude of ways. On my radar is next season’s take on updating your basic shirt with a clean neck scarf peeping out from a buttoned-up white or contrasting printed shirt – think Miu Miu Winter 2012.


Jenna McArthur, online editor

The highlight of the September issue for me is hands down the ’50s-inspired and oh-so-feminine ‘She’s A Lady’ on page 70. I am obsessed with the ladylike charm of it and the clever incorporation of pastels. I love the fact that it was shot on the streets, as it brings the shoot into context. Oh, and I have to mention that the orange and nude lace dress from Mari and Me is coming home with me!


Pam Hothi, managing editor

The spring beauty guide was a huge highlight for me, as it is packed with lots of useful info and inspiration. Check it out on page 117.


Erla Rabe, copy editor

I really love the Christopher Strong dress on page 23 of this issue. It’s perfect for summer and so lovely and feminine, it will make me feel like a girl!


Leigh Peinke, fashion assistant

My must-have item from the September issue is the flatform wedges on page 26 of ELLE Edits. The suede and wood flatforms from Sam Star (R769) are very cool.


Suede and wood flatforms, R769, Sam Star (above left) and Cotton espadrille flatforms, R499.95, Sissy Boy (above right).

Annelize Visser, features director

I have three: the winning short story by Katya Lebeque Smith on page 41; Marianne Thamm’s story on her daughters’ hair on page 46, titled ‘The Vocabulary of Hair’; and another great read is ‘A Tale Of Two Cities’ on page 142 by Jacqui Watson and Nohongo Gzolo.


Poppy Evans, fashion director

My highlight is Asanda’s shoot ‘She’s A Lady’ on page 70. The photography, graphics and styling come together beautifully and it oozes modernity.



2 Responses

  1. Kerry

    The September issue has been my favorite of the year so far. I loved Colour Bubble, Pop Goes Africa and She’s a Lady. They all caught my eye for a different reason.
    The ELLE team really outdid themselves in this issue!