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ELLE Team Fashion Gift Wishlist

We might not be able to get what we want, but we can wish!

So we wanted to know what is the one fashion/ trendy item some members of the ELLE team wish they would be gifted with. (all mysteriously get delivered to their doorsteps)

Lufuno Ramadwa, Multimedia Producer

Can Somebody please buy me ANYTHING from Loza Maléombho?


Sitha Kentane, Fashion Assistant

I would love to be gifted with an iPhone 8.  It is set to retail at R20 000.

Asanda Sizani, Fashion & Beauty Director

I was really impressed with Coach this year, and I love a cross body bag. Dear bae: thanks so much in advance :)

Busi Manunga, Beauty Assistant

These stunning Giannico shoes!!!!

Jess Spiro, Content Producer

Chloe’s small Nile bracelet bag in gold. I’m obsessed with that cool French-girl look that Chloe embodies and equally obsessed with this little bag. Santa, are you listening? I’ve been a very good girl this year!

Lauren Nicoll, Beauty Editor

I’m OBSESSED with All Saints – especially their leather items – these heels will do – please and thank-you!

Palesa Kgasane, Content Producer

I would love many things but I think the simplest and most versatile thing I would love right now is an "Anomie" shirt from DayFeels wear. I almost live in high-waist pants and jeans soo this would be perfect for Summer.


Donations welcome :)

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