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Chloé is a French institution, an electronic music artist suspended between genres and aesthetics. With a style born from a true DJ culture and a strength of building a set with a personal vision, the Parisian DJ and producer has developed a unique ear and sound distinctly her own. Here we get to know Chloé a little bit better...

What led you to a career in music?

I never planned to become a DJ, it happened by accident. I discovered electronic music in the 90’s through raves parties and underground clubs nights. At that time electronic music was underground and unknown, so becoming a DJ wasn’t a job.  I started to release EPs in the beginning of the 2000, so labels and artists would ask me to produce remixes and invited me to play me at their club nights. I was playing more and more, producing more and more and it has never stopped.

In your eyes, how much has the electronic music industry evolved since you first started making music to now? 

It is interesting to see how an underground style has become so famous. Today electronic music has become a real industry, and is now a style as famous as rock’n ‘roll. There are a lot of new producers and DJs, it is very interesting, but at the same time I feel sometimes there are too much. Everything today goes so fast, that for sure we all miss some good music.

How much has Kill The DJ evolved since you helped found it? Are you happy with the direction it’s going in?

We started Kill the DJ more than 10 years ago, the idea was to release music everything we love and whatever style it is. We aren’t only club focus, as we are open to rock, punk, noise, electronica. We just produce music we love, artists we love. Besides this, I have also produced on other ‘friends’ labels like Live at Robert Johnson, Bpitch Control, My Favorite Robot. I just like to feel free to release wherever I want, depending also on the music I produce.

A lot of your music seems to go against the grain of what’s popular and almost defies definition. Is this still important to you? What inspires you now?

I hate the idea that today, as an artist, you have to be good with social media, as much as you have to be a good DJ or producer, I feel it is anti-productive. I am only interested by good music, and producing. Then how or where to release it is another story and isn't very inspiring. I usually first make music then think.

Where is the best place you’ve ever performed? Club or festival? 

I have many great souvenirs, like Benicassim closing party in front of the beach with Miss Kittin few years ago!

Who are you most looking forward to seeing perform during this year’s Cape Town Electronic Music Festival?

Rolando is the act I’d like to hear mostly!


Chloé will be performing in South Africa this year in Cape Town at the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival (CTEMF) on February 5th and in Johannesburg on February 6th at And Club in Newtown.

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