ELLE Boss 2016 Alum Magdel Kemp built KAMERS on the belief that South Africans are creative people and the desire to empower entrepreneurs and offer them a national platform for their products to be sold.

On her mantra:

This moment is your life: enjoy, be proud and do your absolute best.

On the ELLE Boss experience:

That night was incredible and memorable. Meeting such inspiring individuals and networking with powerful women across South Africa was amazing, not to mention the unlimited Veuve Clicquot.

On why you should enter:

It opens up a channel of valuable connections, and shows you what can be done by women in South Africa and Africa.

On learning from failure:

I move on quickly. I assess the damage – put on a Band-Aid and move forward as soon as possible.

On entrepreneurship:

The biggest challenge is to grow
to a place where you are fnancially sustainable, balancing work and family life, and to differentiate between plans that can and
cannot work.

On work/life balance:

I have an amazing, creative husband and two gorgeous kids. We live in the Boland – riding our mountain bikes and drinking cold Sauvignon Blanc on a hot day. Wanda Du Toit, co-owner of KAMERS, and I built KAMERS specifcally for women – to be successful in business but to have a life at home. We work extremely hard – five shows a year – an online marketplace, planning export and a new NGO. But we also take long holidays and switch off our phones.

On staying calm under pressure:

Focus on the main goal; and always calculate what is the worst that can happen here (and if the worst is really disastrous – freak out a little bit).

On career learnings:

Have compassion and patience. I believe systems drive the company, but as we know people run the systems, and without taking into account that all people are different and come with their own strengths, weaknesses and personalities, you will have a lot of unfulflled expectations. I am a thinker, not a feeler. I focus on product not process. But I know that the feeler and the process are just as important – and it took years to learn how to balance the two, and I am still challenged on that daily.

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These answers first appeared in a print edition of ELLE.

Photograph: Charl du Preez