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Dream Job Alert: Gucci's Consulting Millennial Advisors To Tell Them What’s Cool

We want in.


Are you fashionable, under the age of 30 and opinionated as hell? If so, then have we got the job for you.

At WWD’s Apparel & Retail CEO Summit in New York last week Gucci’s chief executive, Marco Bizzarri, revealed that the fashion label has created a ‘shadow committee’ of millennial advisors. Their purpose? To direct the company’s top dogs (read: execs) on what’s lit and what’s not.

Naturally, we want in.

“It is a committee that is structured with people below the age of 30,” Bizzarri explains. “The task is either discussing the same topics that we discuss in the normal meeting with executives, or giving me ideas on different processes.”

The committee forms part of the brand’s broader ‘bottom-up’ approach to management, where 'the youths' are thought to be able to teach the older staff members a thing or two.

For those of you still reading but are over the age of 30, there’s still a chance for you to shower important people with your opinions. Bizzarri adds that Gucci is also hosting lunches for people aged under 35 where “I ask them to give me three ideas of what we should do to improve the life at Gucci.”

The only question is, are they hiring? If so, I’d like to be paid in new season Guch, thanks.

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