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Dolce & Gabbana Is Making Pasta Now and It's all We Want to Wear


After a showing a sumptuous, food-themed spring collection in Milan a few months ago, Dolce & Gabbana continues to speak my love language by announcing a limited edition pasta line with Pasta Di Martino. Available at Buon'Italia in New York City's Chelsea Market and online, the line features Pasta Di Martino products in D&G-designed packaging for around $110. What a deal!


It's just... so beautiful. It's like they heard my whispered prayers. Why hide yourself in chunky sweaters and cardigans this season when you can adorn your body in pounds and pounds of carbs and skip the middleman?

This is a dream come true. When people ask what I'm wearing I always answer "Farfalle" anyway. Now it can actually be true.

Here's a shot of my favourite designer prepping my outfit for the Met Gala:

Look at the way it drapes! You won't find that quality on the rack.

Out: Silk

In: Vermicelli.

(Unrelated: I think my favourite kind of pasta is Bigoli because it's like they just ran out of ideas for naming it.

"What's it like? Spaghetti but like larger."

"Should we call it Huge-asta?"

"How about Bigoli?"

"Nailed it. Let's go to lunch.")

Just a shot of an eager Fashion Week audience.

I'm not sure why we haven't made pasta a thing fashion before. Rob Schneider tried it years ago but his lewk was a mess.

Rob, this concerns Tim Gunn enormously. Please pack your knives and go home.

Meanwhile, Mario Battalli wore orange crocs on The Tonight Show and I am, actually, undone by this.

He's so committed to comfort he couldn't slip on a loafer? For television! It's too much. It's too much fashion.

I mean, really.

Meanwhile, Hugh Jackman has never looked happier. And for good reason—pasta is the best thing that has ever existed and we should be constantly eating it, wearing it, and talking about it.

Now, this Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2017 runway look, however, is perfection:

How brilliant is this? This outfit is literally :: chef kiss::

D&G was dropping hints that semolina was having a moment a whole year ago. I'm so inspired. Fashion trends will come and go but complex carbohydrates will never leave you.

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