In our November issue (page 22), we tackle the weighty issue of curves on the runway. Plus-size women are making their mark on international covers and on the catwalk and models such as Crystal Renn went from skinny to size 12 and gained the respect of legendary Karl Lagerfeld who cast her in his 2011 Chanel Resort show. Other curvy women making a name for themselves are Mia Tyler, the daughter of Steven Tyler, and Toccara Jones who was featured in a 14-page spread in Vogue Italia.

Plus-size model Crystal Renn

We introduced two successful plus-size models, Lisa Snyman and Celia Ncalane, in our magazine article. Here, they share some more of their experiences.


Have you ever had a bad experience?

I once went to an open casting which was very nerve-racking. There were many ‘normal’ models and a few plus-size models. It felt as if people were staring at me and wondering why I was there. But I didn’t let it get to me; I just smiled and carried on.

Why do you think women are always complaining about their bodies?

I hate it when women talk badly about their bodies. I’m comfortable in my own skin and I don’t want someone else’s body issues to rub off on me. Either they’re fishing for compliments or they need to go and see someone who will help them improve their self-image.


Were you always considered big?

I’ve always been bigger than my siblings and my friends. It’s not because I wasn’t eating healthily – I was and I played hockey and swam – it was just the way I am built.

What do you do to stay in shape?

After becoming a vegetarian, I lost a lot of weight but I still eat full meals that contain a starch, protein and vegetables, and I indulge in snacks occasionally. I go to the gym at least three times a week.


1. Take care of your body. Plus-size models aren’t obese or unhealthy. Clients and modelling agencies require that you have a firm, toned body, a defined waist and no stretchmarks. You should exercise and eat healthily and, most importantly, exude confidence.

2. Measure up. To work as a plus-size model in South Africa you must be at least 1.68m tall and wear a size 38 to 44. Your body must be in proportion, which means not too busty; everything needs to be balanced.

3. Find the right agency. Don’t be discouraged if the first agency you approach turns you down. If you’re not what they are looking for in terms of their height and size requirements, keep looking. It’s important to have an agency, though. An agency will help you put together a portfolio, send you to castings, negotiate on your behalf and give you advice. They’ll also provide you with a Z-card. This is a model’s ‘business card’ and consists of pictures of you in different shoots and your agency’s contact details.

Do you have what it takes? If you’ve dreamt about becoming a plus-size model, take the first step and join a reputable modelling agency. Here is a list of some of the agencies that have curvier girls on their books:

Y Models, Topco, Faith Model Management, 3D Management, Models International, Base Models, M1 Management

Image from Vogue

163 Responses

  1. Michele

    I have forwarded my photos to some of the agencies you mentioned with a positive respone yet none are based in Johannesburg. Thankyou Elle for helping to give the plus size women a place in mainstream media :) I am a 38 years old size 14 !! Regards Michele.

  2. Cremelda

    I simply love women who are comfortable in their own skin and i celebrate plus size women, as i am a size 10 with a big derriere myself.Would love a chance that we big girls can also do our thing if given the chance

  3. Zandile

    Thank you so much for the inspirational article; however,the problem is(with most atricles I have seen, if not all of them) is that I see no agencies in my area, the Eastern Cape. It is very sad to think how much talent is being overlooked because of this fact…Still,thank you!

  4. Katia Magalhaes

    I have model all my childhood life and loved every moment. I got married and had a child and never lost the weight. and i really would love to get back in to modeling again. (I am 24 years old and a size 16) Thank you so much Katia

  5. nkhensani

    i would love to be a plus size model and im comfortable with my body.i wear size 16 and i will be happy if given an opportunie to model at an event.



  6. Ros

    I would love to model, but there are no good agencies in the Free State. Most agencies are in Cape Town and only represent girls in those towns

  7. Sherinda

    Hi Elle! Great read. I actaully run a studio for plus sized women btwn sizes 16-24/40-48.

    Will be hosting fashion show on spring day. I have some ladies who volunteered as models, had I known sooner, I would asked elle for a few contacts : )

    • Charity

      Please wearing size 46 I will like to model as a plus 1,8 tall.

  8. Onele

    Hy I’m a 17 year old who really loves taking pictures of myself and all that and I wld really love to be a plus size model…I have no experience but I have been told by many people tht I would make a good model

  9. Tiziana

    I loved this article. I have been doing some research and I would love to model. Does one have to be of a certain age to be a plus size model?


    • ELLEmagazineSA

      Hi Tiziana,

      We suggest that you contact an agency in your area to enquire about age and joining their books.


  10. siphokazi anthea zono

    I am single,am a second born and am 19years old I live at no49 continua street tambo village manenberg 7764 cape town western cape.I been interested in modelling sence i was young and modellin i see as a challenge that i can over came ,am that kind of a person who have pataint,if i did get the oppoturnite to
    became a madel i promise i will do my best to put my mind on it thank you

  11. Ncediwe Mehlwana

    I would love to become a plus size model,how can i do it?

  12. Palesa Mpele

    Hi, I would like to be given an opportunity to be a plus size model, wear size 40 and have a great smile. Please advise of good agencies around Auckland Park, Johannesburg.

  13. Palesa Mpele

    Hi, I’m 31 yrs old and would like to be given an opportunity to be a plus size model, wear size 40 and have a great smile. Please advise of good agencies around Auckland Park, Johannesburg.

  14. palesa

    hi, I’m a 31 yrs old, size 40 lady looking for an opportunity to be a plus size model around Auckland park, Johannesburg, please help

  15. Sanele

    i made a follow up the agencies you suggested, but sadly they are not in Johannesburg.i would love to be a plus-size model. i have been turned down by so many agents because of my wist size.i have always had a passion for modeling and would like the opportunity to prove that i do have what it takes.

  16. Lerato


    I am a plus size woman and proud of my curves. I have been trying with no luck to get into plus size modelling, please advise how to go about and if you are looking for any plus size models.

    I look forward to your response.

    Kind regards, Lerato Kumalo

  17. Nqonqo

    Wow,this is so inspirational especially for thick-bodied beauties like myself. Thank you Elle Mag for celebrating with us the uniqueness of our nature…

  18. Dikeledi

    I am intrested in modelling , kindly send me the agencies that are based in Johanessburg.

    • ELLEmagazineSA

      Try 3D Model Agency on 011 447 9071 or Boss Models on 011 4766000, both are reputable Jo’burg agencies!

  19. Palesa

    I think in reality we can’t all be models, like singer modeling is a talent and I feel that my name is printed in BOLD. I love taking pictures and I have a great fashion sense, I’m your statement kind of girl! I don’t bend in that not me! And I one of the few chosen one who can be next South Africa’s great thing and I want to start form HOME LAND! So do u think I worth it!

  20. Nhlalo

    its really great that you have done this article based ont the curved ladies. i however feel that it ts very hard to find a person who wears a size 38-44 who has no strecth marks on their bodies. i was under the impression that we wanted the women of today to be proud of their bodies (esp our African bodies). i felt that the media had pushed us into becoming stick people and this plus size modelling oppertunities came up i believed that they would be a platform for normal people like me to show the world that you can be sexy at any size. fashion magz should teach us how to dress if i am plus size and top heavy and if im plus size bottom heavy. we can only see that in we have models with those types of bodies also in the market. i dont know ots just a thought. i will try those agencys and i hope i make it (stretch marks and all).

    thank you for the insite thow.

  21. kutama Lalamani Carol

    I am 23 years old and I am a size 38 and 40 and I also wana became a plus size model


    im girl who 20 years of age who is college who would like to be a plus size model its always have been my dream to become one.

  23. Thandiwe Madi

    Well, maybe then i would have thought i didnt have what it takes… but since ive started exercising i realised maybe this the way i was meant to be…this much curves should be a blessing not a crime.when i move to the rhythimic element,u will take note.i think of my self as that rough diamond dat doesnt need to be shaped…perfect with its rough edges…lol,im loving me :)

  24. sylvia shoikuti

    Im proud of women who are comfortable in their own skins. ive always been big nd i do love my body. its all about what you wear aslong as u put on the right clothing that u feel comfortable in… love ur body thn only u can love urself nd other,having problems with the way u r built can ruin ur confidence.

  25. Jeanette Swanepoel

    Must you be single with no kids?
    I am 1.8m tall and weigh 108kg, is that appropriate?

  26. Jeanette Swanepoel

    Must you be single with no kids?
    I am 1.8m tall and weigh 108kg and am 31 years old, is that appropriate?

  27. Amanda

    I want to be a model bt m strugling to get a rite agency,maybe u can help me.

  28. MJAY

    Well, people have always told me I should model and Im like no Im to fat (44), and Im 1.71. For a fuller women I have a good figure small waist big hips round butt, and my face is pretty good yet when my friends tried get me in to modeling I get told Im to short (including the some of the above mentioned ones) Its a sad truth that you have to be skinny to be a somebody no matter how pretty you are. Society is cruel. and the sad thing is you can be 10 times prettier but if your not skinny well sorry.

  29. olga diva

    thank you so much for having a better outlook on us full bodied women however i kept doughting myself if id ever do this, im passionate about my dream and elle has gave me the power and the courage to actually rise and achieve

  30. Neo

    I fit da description but its a pity I have some few stretchmarks ,*sad :(

  31. Carol phakade

    I’m a size 8 and I’m short I would love to do fashion modeling

  32. mpho moagi

    Hi I’m so glad that u giving big gals a chance to embrace their curves in magazines, I’m 20 yrs old, size 38, I love modeling, I’m so into fashion nd style, nd I always keep up with the latest trends, if you can help to live up to ma dream, nd hobby, Thanx Elle,

  33. Raquel Marinus

    Hallo..i’m Raquel,37 ;wearing a size 14…i would just love to follow my dream…where do i post some photos Elle????Toodles

  34. Sheeham Webhile

    It so exciting to know that there is chance for big girls like myself in this country, I have been dreaming of becoming a plus size model for few years now but always thought that can never happen bt cn only be jst a dream. Now I’m happy and hoping that my dream can finally become a reality and I hope we do have these agencies here in Gauteng. Thank u for giving me hope.

    Kind regards
    Sheeham Webhile

  35. susan

    I’m Susan from johannesburg and would love to join an agency for plus size models or for skin care I’m a size 16 and very comfortable with my body

  36. noxolo

    Hi my name is noxolo based is jhb I’m so interested in becoming a plus size model but I have no idea where to start. I have a portfolio problem is that most agencies I know are not looking for what I can offer. They want smaller girls is it possible to get an agency here in jhb?

  37. gina nkosi

    Hey there I really want to become a plus size model. I love modeling and I am confident about my body. I take pictures every time. I want to build a profile with the write people. I am edgy and love to explore for any info bout me or a collection of my pictures please contact me via email. Thank you

  38. patricia sizakele

    I’m 20 of age I’m girl who has ambition and passion of becoming a model,its one of goals I have always wanted in life and I’m hoping in the next coming years my dream will be fulfilled.

  39. Portia

    I would like to be a plus size model.I stay in pretoria. I am 28 size 16.please assist

  40. peggy

    am in botswana how do i get connected to a plus size model agency near me?

  41. bongiwe

    I am a beautiful vuluptious black woman, 30 years old and very confident and comfortable in my own skin. I havmd always dreamed of becoming a model, from the days when I was skinny to when I grew and gained, but I still look and feel beautiful. I want to prove to my peers and women who do not believe in themselves and ashamed of their bodies that there is nothing wrong with them. I am from the rural area of ixopn in kzn, I need to show that even a rural ordinary girl next door can make it and become everything she ever dreamed of. I am a pioneer, a champion, I just need someone to share in my dream and recognise my talent and my potential and help me fullfil my dream. thank u

  42. bongiwe

    I am a beautiful vuluptious black woman, 30 years old size 14, and very confident and comfortable in my own skin. I have always dreamed of becoming a model, from the days when I was skinny to when I grew and gained, but I still look and feel beautiful. I want to prove to my peers and women who do not believe in themselves and ashamed of their bodies that there is nothing wrong with them. I am from the rural area of ixopo in kzn, I need to show that even a rural ordinary girl next door can make it and become everything she ever dreamed of. I am a pioneer, a champion, I just need someone to share in my dream and recognise my talent and my potential and help me fullfil my dream. thank u

  43. Naomi Abrahams

    Please tell me how i can become a seniors plus size model. Iam a size 38 and 62 years of age. Many thanks.

  44. Esmerald Maponya


    I love the fact that women feel more comfortable in their own skin and this encourages me to want to do modeling. I wear size 12, can you please send me contact details of Modeling Agencies in Pretoria

  45. Adel van Wyk

    Hi, my naam is Adel ek is 42 jaar oud, 1,73m weeg 85kg en dra tans’n 16/40 nommer klere. Ek het al soveel jare gelede dit oorweeg om navraag te doen om ‘n DonnaClair Model te word. Of net aan ‘n kompetisie deel te neem. Wil graag meer uitvind hoe dit werk en kan ek so iets oorweeg of probeer en wat behels dit alles. Jammer vir al die vrae maar ek stel regtig baie belang. Groete Adel

  46. Anansa Mudau

    Good Day im intrested in becoming a plus size model. Im a size 40 and my body is well balanced. I love fashion and dressing up. I have a figure8 body so most clothes suites me and im a perfect model as i make clothes look gr8 and perfect.

  47. Precious Madinane

    Its articles like these that make me feel inspired and appreciate the way my body has been built. I would love to become a model as I am based here in South Africa, I wear a size 34 on tops and a 38 but sometimes a 36 on the bottom

  48. Nontsikelelo

    I’m a plus size model, tall. Dark, bald, pretty and I got what it takes to be one, I love fashion n got passion for it, for it keeps me going. I need an Agency that will help me get there to be recorgnised.

  49. Palesa

    Thank you for embracing beautiful plus size woman. I have always wanted to be a plus size model.I am a size 16

  50. ciska :)

    I would love to be a plus size model, I am 17 years old , what must I do ?

  51. Buhle Khumalo

    Hi i’m a 22 years old, i wear size 38, i live in Durban i will love to become a plus sized model i believe i have what it takes and believe i have come to the right hands, i love runnways, fashion and shooting infront of the camera please help me where do i go about from here?

  52. Nontsikelelo Precious Ncombo

    I have what it takes to be a model,bt I have never done it before and I would love to get an opportunity one day

  53. Megan Daniels

    I found this article interesting to say the least. Here are two successful not to mention beautiful, ‘plus sized’ models giving advice to woman and girls that aspire, or want to be in the modelling industry. Giving the advice that, “everything must be in proportion”, and “no stretch marks”, is ridiculous! Carrying on to say that you can’t be too busty and woman need to seek help if they are unhappy with their body image? These models maybe a better representation of a ‘real’ woman physically I think not mentally. These models are still pressured by themselves and the agency to look like a perfect version of themselves regardless of size. We are real women and nobody is perfect. I hope girls or woman reading this will still apply to the agencies and do so confidently!

  54. Emma

    Im 22 of age and wanna be a plus size model, what should I do”???

  55. Annamarie

    Hi I would love to be a plus size model how can I apply can’t find any agencies in the eastern cape port elizabeth

  56. Marylin Ngobeni

    Hi I always enjoy reading the Elle magazine would love to become plus size model.I would like to know how to make it happen?

  57. Marylin\

    Hi i love you magazine and i would love to become a plus size model. I would like to know how to make it happen

  58. Kgothatso Mahomed

    Hi im 22years of age and im size 38-40.Im very much confident with my body.Im am looking for plus size modelling agencies based in Pretoria.

  59. shocky

    am 38 yrs old i would like to work as a plus size model in SOUTH AFRICA i wear size 38 and i am staying in POLOKWANE to encourage and motivate plus size women to be more comfortable feel more secure at all times beauty in purpose the beauty of a woman is smile

  60. zihle

    I would love to be a plus size model am 27years old

  61. conny

    i realy got ispired by ur article it makes me try and accept myself because i have been throgh alot trying to loose weight and it doesnt not work @ all but im encouraged thou

  62. Nombulelo

    I would love to be plus size modeller, I am in Cape Town. Can you recommend places I could go to or people I could speak to.

  63. Nangamso

    I m a plus size model wearing size 46,looking for job or to volonteer on any agency.I am in Cape town Rondebosch.Tank u

  64. Ntsoaki

    I’m a 28 year lady. I would like to be a plus size model. I’m size 12 with a sexy curve body. Please advise of good agencies around Pretoria Gauteng.

  65. Refilwe

    I wuld love to model for the plus size, (im a size 8). Since i had a child everythng else changed bt im still keeping myself healthy and beautiful.

    I love ur magazine i read it all the time.

  66. Addel

    hi i would like to be one of the models cos i blv i have wat it takes i would appreciate the respond

  67. zizile

    I need advice, I have been checking modelling angencies and they don’t require on my weight and height. Don’t know wht to do anymore. Really need modelling angency

  68. Elsie

    You say one needs to be proportional:i am except for my butt. And its not my fault its been that way from way when i was a little girl. So how do you advise me?

  69. Keneilwe

    I’d love to do this.the requirements that I’ve just read, I’m just wondering how many woman between size 38-44 don’t have stretch marks or cellulite.I have those but I don’t think it’s anything airbrush can’t fix.I recently went for a photo shoot.I could send you some pics so that you can advise me.I’ll appreciate your input

  70. lisa

    I would like to be a plus size model and my size is 16, am a 22 year old studying marketing in cpt… where can i get a agency around cpt??

  71. nombuso zitha

    I’m very surprised there’s plus size models in durban I’ve never heard of them an I’m a very tall and pretty girl I’ve always wanted to be model and she actually look divine . Please get back to me I’d love join .I’m a size 36 and 38

  72. Lebohang paulson

    Please advise of modelling agencies for full figured women in Johannesburg for promotion, catalogues and magazines

  73. andile

    good morning im looking for a magazine witch can take me as a plus size model

  74. Makefilwe

    would love to be a plus size model and im comfortable with my body.i wear size 16 and i will be happy if given an opportunie to model at an event.

  75. shradhs

    I’m an indian female,20 years old, 1.75cm, size 14 student, who’s really interested in modelling. Any suggestions for Durban based agencies I could contact?

  76. Lulu

    hello Elle
    I Loved the article so much that i am currently under way with opening my own modeling agency with friends.Specifically for woman between the ages of 16-35 sizes 12-18 at the moment in the Johannesburg area. anyone intersted can email me on

  77. michelle

    I have what it takes to be a plus model -ihave it all

  78. xianora

    I’m in eastern cape ,I female normal size and high I’m interested in joining your agency.please help me.

  79. mookgo

    i would really love to be a plus size model,im a size 16 & this would be a dream come true for me,i love clothes & im very comfortable in my skin…thank you

  80. celia

    I would love to be a plus size model I feel extraordinary in my skin I believe that I am indeed Pretty Hot And Thick PHAT and given the chance I would love to model at any event

  81. Candica Chame

    Hi There i would like to query if you guys are still looking for pluse sized models for your mag?

  82. Gugulethu Kubheka

    Good day Elle my name is Gugulethu I am 25 years old woman am am a pluz size (14 and 16)beutyful ,I love myself and am proud to be me ,I know I’ve got what it takes to be a pluz size model


    To encourage other plus size people not to undermine themselves and i’m comfortable with my body.

  84. Anna Sompane

    I would to take this oppurtunity to encourage other plus size not to undermine themselves to sshow the world what they have.

  85. Duduzile


  86. zintle

    I’m wearing 42 I’m staying in johannesburg willing your help what can I do or to meet

  87. Marcia Xhala

    Hello. My name is Marcia in stay in South africa, in the north west area.. In a city caled Klerksdorp. I’m a 20 year old ambitious and a voluptuous young lady. I loooove my body to bits! Despite it being fully-figured! I’m very much interested in plus-size modeling! I’ve been trying my luck on finding an agent.. They’re all about slender girls. I was born for this and its in my blood. I’ve wanted this since I was a little girl but didn’t have the guts because I was ashamed of my body! Now I’m ready for the world! I strongly believe I have what it takes. You may reply on this email adress or on 072 5386 839. Thank You :)

  88. Precious

    I’m currently in matric and I’m passionate in pursing in plus size industry next year.I need an agency that would make me shine on the spotlight would love to hear from u soon

  89. Victoria

    Wooow! M really impressed, it actually feels like a dream come true, I am a mosotho girl aged 23, and have always wanted to be a model , but couldn’t make it because I am plus sized. So seeing that there are people who appreciate others as they are, I really should say, I am humbled. Keep it up guys.

  90. Khayakazi

    I would love to be a plus size model, confident and have well groomed personality

  91. ayanda mathebula

    Hi. I am looking for people who want to do modelling. I will be having a modeling school in Durban.Please contact me if you are intrested on 0820614265.or send me an email R50 a day.

  92. ayanda mathebula

    Hi I would love to appear in a magazine as a model.Im short and Im 30.

  93. semakaleng

    Hi,am semakaleng 23 years of age .plus size and am intrested in plus size size 38-40,1.70 height and shoe 7-8.thanx I wil like the oppotunity.let me knw if the is anything.0765034843/0835877008

  94. Hazel

    Hi, I’m size 36 tall dark chocolate skin lady, I would love to be a plus size model. Please advise of any agent around Durban. Thank you

  95. Hazel

    Hi, i would like to to be a plus size model. i have brown chocolate skin and im tall. kindly advise of any agency around durban please.

  96. sarah tata

    Hey I’m sarah from free state but currently studyn in durban, I’m also a BIG gal n love my size 38 body. I’ve been trying to get in to the modelling industries, I’d love to show the world that we can also look good and sexy in our BIG bodies.

  97. phiwokuhle kosani

    i am phiwokuhle kosani i lov fashion i love beauty its my dream to be a model on plus-size model the problem is i dnt knoe where to start can you help me to make my dream cum true and do samethng i would be proud off i wear size 38 i live in cape town khayelitsha please help my mom wil be proud thanx

  98. phiwokuhle kosani

    i am phiwokuhle kosani a girl who has a
    dream of becamng a plus-size model please help me fullfil my dream and do samethng amazing in my life i love clothes,beauty and foshion i wear size 36 i can simill i trust my body i can du this plz help me du it ths is my dream i hope it wil cume true

  99. amanda lourens

    What must I do to be considered as a model? Face etc. Amanda

  100. busisiwe ntwana

    you an encouragement to us people think that only those who have grate bodies only fit for modelling. .i also want to become an model just that i always hated my body every time i look in the mirror i would feel disgusted. .but now i know you gotta apreciate what you have and what God made you look like…mwahzz keep it up



  102. catherine Ngobeni

    I’m dimakatso I live next to sandton I want a agency for modelling and magazine for full sized women I’m very proud of my body.

  103. Charmaine Moyo

    Hi im a young 22 old girl originally from pretoria but now staying in Tembisa im looking for an agency whos going to help me with my modeling.please do contact me 0824330358

  104. ncedolwethu

    m a Xhosa woman age 27, 1,78 tall wearing size 36 very stylish,cute and adorable studing ma final year as a Public Managemen student with no kid

  105. Koketso V Ranks

    thank you Elle for this inspirational article, i have always loved modelling but propblem was my body, i am a size 16 and live in Botswana and again we do not have plus size modelling agencies this side.Am 29 of age an would really love to be given an opportunity to be a plus model.Regards, Koketso

  106. cathrine

    I’m a size 42 and would like to go into plus size modelling but im not really sure how to go about it and how much does it cost,I’ve heard its very expensive for a portfolio!


    Ps: I’m very proud to watch other woman with full figures do exactly the same as the skinny woman…well done,great job :)

  107. geneveve

    Hi am soo intrested in this plus size modeling thing. Its something I really would love to get into am a size 38 I do gym and eat healthy and I have a pretty face only thing is I have short hair will that be a problem or not

  108. nompumelelo langa

    i would love to be a plus size model i wear size 38, im energetic,fun to work with it would be a pleasure to get this opportunity thank you.

  109. Prudence

    Good day, its a very big dream of mine to become a pluse size model. Please assist me in doing so. Hope you have a wonderful day further.

  110. Lebogang

    am 19yrs i love modeling,wearing size 8,i love model reguadless of what type of modeling am a bit tall and plus am single with no baby.i would realy like to be informed when i can start

  111. jacqueline sikhakhane


  112. ANDA


  113. priscilla m

    Hi I would like to get back into modelling.I was modelling in high school.I wear a size 34 but I’m more curvier on my hips and less busty.I live in pretoria would like to knw agencies around here for my category.I’m 27 yrs old,married n have a baby boy.thanks elle for the post n also the list of agencies.why is it that capetown has the best modelling agencies while we in pretoria have none on the list.

  114. Cheryl-Dean Van Der Kuil

    Hi there I would love to do modelling I am 20 years old and size 36,i did my first fashion show, and it was the first time I did some thing that I enjoyed so much, I have a passion for modelling and would really love to do it as a career. Thanks :)

  115. Tokologo chiloane

    Hi I’m Tokologo a 19 year old female who is very interested in the media industry I would like to be a model of elle ths will be my dream come been with me you wouldn’t regret I’m good in acting pls consider me call on 0789525413

  116. kayleigh cheney thys

    hey.i’m young 16years old nd want2 do something with my life.There is so many learners that finished school and become nothing so i realized that school isn’t everything..How can you atend school every day of your life and finally you done with it and lay at home..please help me i really want2 be a model i dreamt about it all my life i always wanna 2 be a fasion designer but now i want 2 be a model for the rest of my life..

  117. Amanda

    Hi, I’m a 29 year old lady who would love an opportunity to become a plus size model, I’m based in Cape Town.

  118. Thobe Magangane

    Hi I’m a full figured woman size 42 and I would like to model please assist as to how I can get an agency in Durban KZN.Thanks

  119. NOMBUSO

    hellow, I used to be a size 42 but now i’m a size 34 i would really like to model but here in Durban we have no angency…please help me find one.

  120. THOBILE

    Hi my name is Thobile im 30years wears a size 40 and size 5 shoe size i would love to be a plus size model.I reside in Durban KZN. Any agency that would like to hire im always available please do get back to me, my number is 0738849512 and my email is Thank you

  121. anothando dlamini

    I ‘m anothando Dlamini. I ‘m 18years i wear size 36 i would love to be a pluse size model so any an agency can get me through this no.0784641318 & on 0847348382 or through

  122. khethiwe Mthombeni

    Hi my name is khethiwe Im 31 based in witbank , I wud love to b a plus size model. its olwys been my dream to one day get an opportunity to b on a spot light evin if I had to do it for free I would. can Elle make my most dreamt dream come through.

  123. Babalwa Sneli

    Am seriously interested in becoming a plus size model. The problem is there are no modeling agencies around Eastern Cape. Anyone who would like me to model their clothes for them please contact me at: I’ll do it for free :) thats how passionate i am

  124. Sbongile

    Hi I’m a good looking size 38 sizw and I’d love you to gwt back to me. Thank you

  125. Nomfundo

    I’m a beautiful plus size woman and would like to join other models, I really like to see myself on those covers, plus size woman are sex.

  126. Athenkosi

    Hey, I’m a beautiful, confident young plus size women. I am 19 years old and in Cape Town. I would love to join a modelling agency to embrace my body and other plus size ladies.

  127. Harry

    I think if your sexy and your curve are catchy then anyone can be a plus size model. But first you body need a little fat. I like those women very much.

  128. Mamela

    I am 21 years old and joined an agency but don’t seem to be getting any modeling jobs. I would really like to be a plus size model, modeling underwear that is, for some reason I feel more then confident while modeling underwear. I feel a sense of belonging and the joy to just embrace my GOD given body and it’s contours. However it is difficult to be successful in the industry and was wondering if you or any other person has some advice to give to an aspiring model and how one can move fourth from there.

    Thank you Elle

  129. xoliswa mafutha

    thanks to you elle mag, for giving us big girls the platform to have a say and for the wonderful opportunity you’ve presented us with. i love modelling period all types. and you guys have just given me the go to really not give up on my dream. big girls you are beautiful!!

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  131. Jessica

    Hello im Jessica.
    Im 22 and have always wanted to be a model but infact im also plus size.Most would say curvy.I never was much to be comfortable in my own skin but as time passes and I see things like this.I get more confident in my dream to be a plus size model.If anyone could please give me any kind of suggestions or advice I would be very much obliged..

  132. Vikkrant

    Hiii my name is vikkrant nd I am from india.I am 20 year old.My height is 5.9 nd I hve also a gud body with six pack.I am vry intersted in modaling from starting.nd i surely tell u that one day i will become a superb modal.

    One question: hw can i start my career in modaling.nd i dn ‘t know any agenyes,nd agent plzz helpz me dude :|
    nd sryy i hve forgotten my email id password so plzz call me text me sirr
    my contact no is – 8802508805

  133. Shiela

    Im around gauteng and want to become big size model please contact me.

  134. Gabsile

    Hi am 34 year old and stay in joburg i would love to do the plu – size model.


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  137. Angelique Babalwa Mpambani

    I would like to become a plus size model I know I have what it takes to become one please consider me :)

  138. phumlile

    i would like to become a plus size model um a size 38 and i am eating and maintaining my body weight

  139. nonhlanhla mdaki

    Hi.I’m a 21 year plus size woman would love to get in to modeling , I’m short and size 38 love my body very much n proud of being a size plus plz contact me at 0764855627

  140. Nontuthuzelo Ngxanga

    I’m a 19 year old who has always been big than the others, though sporty and healthy, my weight went nowhere!!! So I’ve always aspired to become a plus-size model who can change the world’s perspective about big-boned beauty!!!I’m a fashion lover and a risk taker and I’d love to belong in a reliable plus-size modelling agency.

  141. Thato Mathedimosa

    Greetings: I am Thato Mathedimosa and I’m 18 years of age,I am interested in being a plus size model not just to inspire girls my age but to gain confidence in myself.I’m short and I wear size 40 and 42.I’m proud to be a South African curvy girl. Please contact me on 0785536204.I originate from Gauteng.

  142. Christine

    Good- day. I am 40 years old femael and wear size 38. I am confident and good looking . I would like to be a plus size model. I can be contacted on my cell at 0828819814 or 0790195611