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A few weeks ago we told you about the new scent, MYNY by Donna Karan New York. A fruity, floral fragrance that celebrates the city and the women who live there. Now, we're talking to up-and-coming female photographers, asking them to #BeAPartOfIt and to share their visual, urban stories illustrating what puts their city on the world class creative map.

Next up? Torne Leigh Velk

"Capetonians embrace a  natural creativity and have a great way of seeking innovative outlets to express themselves (although a more practical perspective suggests that the global economic downturn has forced entrepreneurs to generate revenue in original ways). Either way, we have to be creative in order to live the lifestyle that Cape Town demands."

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Tell us about your concept?

CT is so beautiful, we have to take advantage: stop, chill and enjoy this mesmerizing place, much like I would imagine Central Park would be for New Yorkers. The only difference is that everywhere you look in CT offers a beautiful scenic vista. Therefore, we are part of a wave of  businesses uniting diverse concepts — and sources of income — under one roof. And there’s good reason to expect more creative cross-pollination as Cape Town embraces its year as World Design Capital 2014.

Cape Town is a small city but don't let that sway you, as anything arty, unusual and stylish works here...much like any fantastic place, including NYC. The more quirky or diverse, the more successful - which seems to be a trend all over the world!  Cape Town also resembles the raw energy and beauty of Berlin, from is historical point of view and the struggles of recreating a better future for all! Its an inspiring young city with everything happening at its finger tips. The opportunities here are endless..

There is a  constant flourishing of new and exciting things being created, be that in fashion, food and coffee! Multifaceted concept stores are thriving in Cape Town which is so New York, and, additionally,  CT has finally got brilliant coffee which is any busy creative, academic, professional city's necessity!

For this shoot, we chose trends which embrace the city life of our colourful youth, which is current and fresh. We wanted to show a 'Euro Street' vibe with an element of texture, moodiness and African extravagance! I tried to capture the essence of escaping the mundane, rushed job life and reaching the feeling of release we get when entering our lunch break and taking a stroll down the Company Gardens and embracing the natural and historical distractions all around. It's a refreshing remembrance of how mesmerizing our city is to live in.

From the quirky clothing to the fabulous architecture. I have to state that, in my cheeky opinion, no other city combines heart-stopping beauty and historical monuments so effortlessly as Cape Town does, not even New York!

Want to see more from Torne? Visit or


Stylist: Deeva Merwe

Retailers: Boaston Society, 55 Long Street

Make-up: Marya Hardwicke

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