Ever since she set foot in the big apple at age 17 when she signed with Jay Zs Roc Nation label in 2008, pop star Rita Ora has shared a love affinity with New York City. It’s no surprise then that the blonde Brit has landed herself a mega campaign as the face of DKNY’s new scent, MYNY.


The fragrance celebrates New York and the women who live their. It captures the essence of New York as more than a city, but rather a symbol, a dream, an attitude. The scent and bottle is aimed at the creative, carefree trend-setters of today who inspire and are inspired by New York and its endless possibilities. And the scent? Expect notes of modern patchouli, urban iris and city raspberry for a next-generation, fruity floral fragrance packed into a heart-shaped bottle.

Here at ELLE we love New York but we love South Africa even more and that’s why we want to hear about how local women interpret their own cities. Over the next six weeks we’ll be talking to ten strong female photographers, asking them to #BeAPartOfIt and to share their visual, urban stories illustrating what puts their city on the world class creative map. What’s more? We want you to be #BeAPartOfIt too and with each story we’ll be asking you to send us your #MYNY urban photos in Instagram.

Keep an eye on next week for our first two female photographer #MYNY #BeAPartOfIt visual stories.