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De-sTREss your mind for better living

We look at the impact stress has on your body and how your body’s reaction mechanisms can be directly linked to those day to day aches and pains, stiff necks and tension headaches that can get you down.

On a mission to beat the stress slump and improve her health, ELLE’S beauty editor, Lauren Nicoll, headed out to The Health and Wellness Centre based in Bryanston, Johannesburg to experience a Trauma/Tension Release Exercise session with T.R.E provider Danielle Gordon – to find out how releasing stress can help you live better and improve your day to day health.

What is TRE?

TRE stands for trauma/tension releasing exercise which induces an autonomic response in the body and is the body’s innate way of getting rid of excess stress hormones to bring the nervous system back into a calm relaxed social engagement state.

“Any situation where you feel overwhelmed and helpless becomes traumatic on the system” Danielle Gordon

How does it work?

The whole purpose of TRE exercise is to reconnect the shaking mechanism that occurs naturally in the body -  its function being to reset the nervous system through the body tremoring. As humans, we don’t have a way to work with it like other mammals do.  We see shaking as a malfunction of the nervous system whereas it’s actually the nervous system function pulling itself back into health. As TRE providers, we aim to slow people down and help people figure out how much they need and how often to maintain stress levels and release tension.

What are the effects of prolonged tension to the body?

There is a general shutting down when an area of the body is under extreme contraction for a long period of time. Blood and lymph flow aren't the same, electrical nerve impulses are not the same so it creates dysfunction over time. If the brain consistently receives a message about a contraction, over time the contraction will tell the system that there is danger and then the brain will switch off when the muscle is contracted because it keeps receiving that message.  The brain needs to switch it off so that it is available for other messages you receive. Imagine for fight or flight, digestion is not the priority so it gets switched off.  A lot of irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and diarrhoea are actually all triggered by the nervous system.

Check out ELLE’S November issue to find out more ways to release stress to help improve overall health in your daily life.

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