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Nikki and Ross. A creative duo like no other. Nikki Albertyn the culinary queen who makes the most simple recipe into a piece art too precious to eat. And Ross, the master in origami who has made it so interesting he gained over 100 000 followers on Instagram based on his folds alone. A piece of paper becomes a masterpiece.

We met up with both of them to have them tell us about their special talents, but they ended up surprising us with an incredible treat for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


So before we give away too much, we’re only showing a snippet of how these two creatives took their talents to create something special. More on these two individuals will be coming soon, where Nikki gives us a recipe and some insider info on how she became such an incredible, self-taught cook and Ross will tell us how his Origami-a-Day has become a famous hit.

But for now, see how this delicious Pink Origami & Pink Chiffon Cake for Breast Cancer Awareness Cake came together.

Images by: Heidi van Bergen, ELLE Deco

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Creating something visual is a lasting way to commemorate those suffering and add awareness to the cause. Let us know how you are creating awareness this month by commenting below or tweeting us  @ELLEmagazineSA

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