ELLE multimedia journalist Lufuno Ramadwa just returned from a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, where she explored the beautiful city’s architecture, art, and of course, its amazing style.

Whether they’re speeding through traffic on a bike, snacking on something organic in a corner cafe or strolling through the vibrant streets of Copenhagen,  Copenhageners are world wide front runners in making anything look good on the go. Comfort is key for this highly mobile city with so much to offer.

On a good day, Copenhageners prefer to cycle or walk to most destinations, instead of driving or opting for public transport. Balancing shoe game with the practical requirements of a walking city is important as a result, and Copenhagen does not disappoint.

Having to get on a bicycle does not limit their dress code. Bicycles are actually trendy accessories for most locals.

The weather in Copenhagen is so unpredictable that locals joke about their Summer being an average of 5 days long. Never wanting to be caught off guard by the rain,  they make sure to carry a jacket or coat at all times.

Copenhagen locals have street style down to a seamless science: casual, cool and always captivating.