Author Chimamanda Adichie has never been shy about her love for stylish pieces, and this was evident in her recent Today I’m Wearing online segment she did for British Vogue, where she showcased her penchant for print- and colour-rich pieces.

Last year, her Why Can’t Smart Women Love Fashion for British ELLE offered an interesting take on feminism and fashion, and it garnered a lot of buzz.

In a recent interview with Chimamanda was asked about her style and in the article, she held nothing back. ‘I wrote that piece because it was a response to the idea that in the west a woman who wants to be taken seriously cannot be perceived as being interested in her appearance. I thought this was such an un-feminist idea,’ she said. And to prove that point, she went on to list her choice of female writers who also dress well. See the gallery of these female writers below: