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ELLE Exclusive: Wedding Season Trends With Sheila Madge

Whether it's your aunt, friend, or parents, it's hitch season and we couldn't be more excited!

We sat down with designer Sheila Madge, whose creations are far from typical. We talk details, trends and what it is that makes her designs and concepts so unique.

Why wedding dresses?

The satisfaction of working with someone on a one-of-a-kind dress is reason enough, but to know that I can explore traditional skill-sets within a high-end fashion environment, is most thrilling to me.

Whats the signature stamping your wedding dresses? 

A dress that is as much art as it is functional. Highly detailed.

Who is your dream bride? 

Anyone and everyone; I want to explore all avenues of dress-making, styles, ideas, and want to walk a path with every possible type of bride, from Classic pantsuit princess to meringue dress diva. Part of the fun of making a dress is to enjoy the journey and share special moments with a client before the actual wedding day.

How do you want your clients to feel in their Sheila Madge wedding dresses? 

I want brides to feel that the dress is an extension of themselves, amplifying their best qualities, and above all to feel comfortable in the dress.

What goes in the process of making a wedding dress? 

Hours of labour and tea.

Do you make dresses for bridesmaids as well?

Sometimes, depending on the style. Lately most of the bridesmaids I have made dresses for, were the only “hand maiden” of the bride. This means I can put in more of an effort with the one dress and make sure it is worthy of being next to a bride.

What are the biggest wedding trends for the wedding season of 2017/18

Simple classic silhouettes,  dashes of colour, bold beading, pantsuit outfits, fine and shorter detailed veils,

Where can our readers buy your wedding dress?

At or email for a custom dress. @sheilamadgedesign on Instagram and Facebook.


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