Should we expect a hot new single from Queen Bey and Cara Delevingne? Over the weekend, the two celebrities each shared a picture of their left hand on Instagram – fiddling with an audio mixer inside a recording studio.


The images were posted at almost exactly the same time, and the mixers appear to be the same machine. With Beyoncé’s recognizable long nails and jewels, and Delevingne’s trademark tattoos, could this mean the two are making music together?

Followers of both Cara and Bey are very excited about the possible collaboration, as the photos managed to hit over a million likes between them within few days.

22 year old model-turned-actress Cara is not a complete newbie to the music scene. In 2013 she and friend Will Heard released a duet, Sonnentaz, on Youtube. It was also revealed that the model wants to set up her own record label and reportedly approached Simon Cowell for advice.