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Do you find it tricky to make time to run on the treadmill or tick that much-hated cardio power session off the list? Well, Bodytec might just be for you.

Dubbed South Africa’s latest fitness fix, ELLE Belle Maybe Corpaci decided to put it to the test, for a month. Here’s what she had to say:


How does Bodytec work?

Bodytec uses EMS (electro muscle stimulation) training, which builds and defines muscle tissue very effectively. One session equals 3x90min strength workouts at the gym and, since the machine trains over 90% of your muscles at once, you only need to go once a week. Sounds great right?

What to expect from the first session?

The Bodytec studios are modern and sleek. Expect to be welcomed by your assigned trainer (my trainer was called Tyson) and asked to complete a quick questionnaire about your medical history. You will be given training gear and a fresh towel for a quick post-workout shower.

Dressed and ready to train, Tyson directed me toward a machine and fitted me with a special jacket as well as a belt and straps around my upper arms and thighs. Tyson connected electrodes to the machine and after a 20-minute countdown we began the training. The machine works on 4-second intervals and the trainer guides you through an easy exercise routine while Bodytec does its magic! Don’t be fooled, it’s no walk in the park… As simple as a squat might sound, the electrical impulse makes it very difficult for you to perform each exercise. You will sweat and feel sore (very sore) the next day. The intensity level, however, can be regulated depending on your body type and fitness level.


Visible results?

The results are instant. I noticed a difference from the very first session: my body felt toned and tight. I didn’t lose weight but I firmed up – it’s incredible what 20 minutes a week can do for you.

Can you quit gym with Bodytec?

Bodytec is a high-impact strengthening workout, but it isn’t a substitute for cardio. It is actually recommended to go for a run or a walk the next day to relieve any lactic build up in your muscles. Bodytec is a fantastic, quick fix for firming and toning your limbs – a great alternative to hours spent on weights, lunges and planks in the gym.

The good news is that we’re giving away the opportunity to win a 4-session Bodytec workout worth R2 600! To enter tell us why you don’t have time to go to gym by leaving a comment below. Competition closes 17 February 2014.

The winner will be able to redeem their Bodytec sessions at their closest Bodytec branch in South Africa.

Want to know more? Visit and follow them on  and Twitter @Bodytecsa

Sessions available from R195 per training.


Images by Grant Payne

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